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MagicJack service

I just thought I would let people know what to expect when using the magicJack service. Something they don't tell you about and that you would find out after signing up.

I don't have a magicJack physical device so installed the magicJack Connect app on my cellphone. I then paid $6.57 Canadian ($4.99 US) for a top-up. I then tried to make a call to a 1-800 number (part of the government of Canada) that should always answer (even if going to a recording). The call never answered. I let it ring for about 1 minute (or less). My credit went down by 37 cents. For all I know I could have been routed to a different number that never answered. I chatted with a magicJack person and was told they start the billing process as soon as they have routed the call (i.e., when it starts to ring). And from Ecuador they charge an absolutely ridiculous rate it seems. I tried checking the rates before I signed up and it indicated that the charge would be 1 cent per minute to call Canada. I would suggest you think twice about using this service.

Mike Bluett