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Earthquake donation

I wanted to donate for the earthquake relief somehow and read this on the FB group Ecuador Emergency. Many of you probably know of Jack Abercrombie. He's down on the coast helping out and could use an extra minute or two on his phone, so I said OK, I know where my money is going. Here's the story I read today.

Jack Abercrombie is a gem. He needs some help keeping his phone charged as he assists with the relief efforts. Jack saved me one time and went out of his way to help me when I was in EC last year. He is a very good man. Being in the US, I did not know how to help until I found this site. Please note that the site will call you to confirm, so, make sure the number you give is where you are. Also Jack’s number is 098 806 6508 for the site. It will add the 593 after country selection. I think if you call him you start with 0 but not for the site. It only allows 9 digits. They called within 5 minutes and, after the call, they said the charge would show up momentarily. Update: it does and Jack just confirmed. They also send your email a receipt. Very professional. Just spoke with Jack. Man is amazing and he makes a fellow GA-boy proud. It’s not always about just the money for the phone. The shops are harder to find in his area. Also flashing cash, even to pay the Claro bill, is not a real good idea. Here’s your chance to help make a difference by helping a man who really makes a difference.

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