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Astrology Chart Reading by Dr. Lee Haworth, licensed psychologist

Lee Haworth, PhD, Licensed Psychologist (in California) is now available for Astrology Chart readings. Dr. Haworth's (she prefers to be addressed as “Lee”)  Astrology readings are designed and intended for the client to come away deeply inspired about their true purpose in life. Lee studied and received her doctorate in Depth and Clinical Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, and her Jungian background comes across in the way she reads Astrology Charts. As well as Jungian Psychology, she is well read in advanced Astrology and has a gift for the analysis of what is most crucial in explaining an Astrology Chart. She is particularly talented at discerning patterns that reoccur in one’s particular birth chart. She compassionately explains how these patterns demonstrate the unique gifts and challenges one faces in life.

In a 2 hour reading, the client will receive a complete print out of their chart as well as a written 4-page analysis of their Astrology data. Lee not only will explain (and answer questions) about the placement of planets in one's birth chart, she will also give a reading of one's progressed chart. In addition, the client will learn which phase the moon was in at their birth and how this is important to one's life’s mission. Famed Astrologer Dane Rudhyar emphasized that knowing what phase the moon was in at the time of one’s birth is one of the most significant prognostic indications of one’s birth chart.

Finally, Lee has studied Human Design extensively, and will provide even further understanding of how one's Human Design overlaps with their Astrology chart. When investigating what gives life meaning and purpose, an Astrology Chart reading by Dr. Lee Haworth can be an invaluable means to that insight. A recommended minimum donation of $32 for her preparation, reading, analysis and Chart is very reasonable, as a similar astrological reading in the US would cost upwards of $200.

Lee Haworth: