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The USA is here and helping with the Earthquake

Two days ago a man by the name of Richard wrote in complaining about the USA not helping his adopted country out. I took exception to his comments. You see I drove up to Manta with another friend of mine, also by the name of Joe. He spent over $1000 out of his own pockets to buy food. I also kicked in some money for food but nothing like my friend Joe did.

The first thing I did when I got to Manta was to ask if the USA was here and I was told they were there and that more help was coming in the form of dogs and monetary aid. As always the USA is there to help. I asked Richard to apologize for his remarks about the USA. He refused. So, I'm apologizing for him. Before we criticize the USA we should wait and get the facts as we should in most matters. The USA is not perfect and neither is our new country of Ecuador. However, I am proud of both countries. As should all of us be. I am proud to be a resident of Ecuador and equally as proud of being a citizen of the USA. So Richard, whoever you are, you should be ashamed of writing what you did. Sometimes it is better to wait then jump the gun. I have never known the USA not to be there when another country needs help.

Joe T