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Recommendation for Juan Piños, electrician

I recently purchased an on-demand electric water heater for my kitchen to be able to wash my dishes with hot water (I don't like gas tanks inside my apartment). When the "maestro" - a nephew of the house owner - who was supposed to install it (free of charge to me) didn't show up as promised (and didn't bother to call to let me know he couldn't make it, either), I called Juan Piños. My call went into his v/m and I figured, "what the heck, might as well leave a message." Juan called me back within 2 minutes and asked me to email him my exact address. He showed up en punto (dead on time) to see what would be involved in doing the job and give me an estimate of what it would cost me (of course, I would have to pay him out-of-pocket versus the "freebie" provided by the landlord's nephew). Juan didn't like the type of heater I had bought because he thought it would suck up too much energy and increase my electric bill. So we went back to the store and he went to bat for me trying to either exchange it or get a refund. Unfortunately, the store clerk was either unable or unwilling to do either, and since at this time, I can't afford to buy a second unit, Juan agreed to install the existing one for the time being (I told him I might buy the one he recommended next month if I'm not satisfied with this one). A couple of days later, again arriving right on time (actually a few minutes early, waiting patiently in front of my building), he completed the job. He had to get a couple of things from a nearby ferreteria, including another breaker, and after a couple of hours, the job was done. I was almost embarrassed to ask him, since he is, after all, a master electrician, to do a couple of "handyman" tasks for me, but, "no problema" - he drilled some holes and installed shelves and hooks and a clothesline for hand washables, all in no time. Juan's fee is very reasonable in my opinion, and he would only accept half of the extra amount I offered him for the "handyman" jobs. Yes, you can get a cheaper "maestro," I'm sure, but definitely not a more qualified one. And the best thing about Juan Piños is his cheerfulness and great attitude.

Address: Cuenca and El Valle

Contact information: 098 832 7190

Recommended by Ingrid Triki: 099-413-5335