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Recommendation for Alex Flores, dog trainer,

Dear GringoPost readers, I would like to highly recommend Alex Flores of Club Canino Cuenca. He is an excellent dog trainer because he works with your dog and you. I, myself, have trained many dogs but turned to Alex Flores to train my Shar Pei. My Shar Pei had a very difficult life before she became our "pup". She had been living on the streets. She was found starving, blind, with many flesh wounds, parasites, and with a large tumor. We do not know her history but you could probably guess how our street Shar Pei was abused. There was much physical evidence. She "healed" with us, but I was unable to teach her how to walk without pulling. Alex Flores came to our home and began instruction almost immediately. Within a week, our Shar Pei learned how to heel on lead. She also learned the sit, stay and lie down commands. I now have a dog which surpasses my previous dogs in intelligence, affectionate behavior and good manners, i.e. she listens, understands what is expected of her and does so. Without Alex Flores's professionalism, training skills, talents and knowledge, our Louisa would not be the dog she is now. The Shar Pei is not an easy breed to train. Shar Pei's are headstrong and independent thinkers. Alex Flores was able to maintain her independent thinking and make her proud of her newly acquired skills. Our Shar Pei is still doing well and we continue to work with her as per Alex Flores's instructions. Thank you Alex for training us to be a great dog/human team.

Address: Alex Flores of Club Canino Cuenca, phone; 099 069 4342; Facebook: Club Canino Cuenca; email:

Recommended by Irene Simkin La Pointe.