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Donations for animals affected by the earthquake

Dear friends, Please help these animals. There are hundreds or even thousands of animals wandering the streets hurt, lonely, scared, hungry and dehydrated. Many of them are still in their homes which were reduced to rubble waiting for their owners, who are in some cases already dead. Many others were abandoned.

Animal shelters in these areas are also destroyed. Rescue workers, veterinarians and volunteers are at ground zero of the earthquake, helping these defenseless beings, who are in need of Water, Food, Medicines, Belts, Cages, Beds, Dishes, Blankets, among other things, immediately. Rescuer dogs are also suffering cuts and lacerations on their feet while searching for people under the rubble. Elastic bands and shoes are needed for them to continue their rescue work. A complete list of the needed items are attached bellow.
Thank you for your time and your help. If you cannot donate, please share this info with your friends.

Veterinaria Gallardo Guayas 4-30 y Remigio Crespo 281 6989
Veterinaria Solidaria Benigno Palacios 15-23 y Av. 3 de Noviembre, en las Escalinatas del Otorongo 284 2925
Veterinaria Patas Av Paseo Los Cañaris y E. Gil Gilbert (Diagonal al Carbonazo) 280 7281
Fundación Arca Baltazara De Calderón 2-37 Y Miguel Vélez (San Sebastián) 283 5201

Socorro Animal Ec: Ordoñez Lasso 5-55 y Los Cedros Socorro Animal Ec. Call after 8 AM.

City: Cuenca