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Cuenca Change for Change

I don't know about you but I refuse to carry pennies around in my pocket. My pennies have accumulated in a jar on my desk. I realize that I could take them to the bank and cash them in if I want to wait in a bank line for half an hour but that seems like a hassle for a few dollars.

If this is you we have a solution for you. Drop off your pennies (or even nickels if you do not like carrying them) at our drop off point. We currently have one drop off point – Sabatino's in Otorongo Plaza. Sabatino's is closed on Monday but will be open Tuesday for lunch and dinner. We are hoping to establish additional drop off points in the future.

For at least the rest of the month proceeds will benefit earthquake relief. In later months various other worthy causes will be the beneficiary.

Grab that jar of coins you have sitting somewhere and fill our penny jug down at Sabatino's. Together our pennies will make a big difference to the earthquake victims.

Steve Gordon: