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Road from Guayaquil to Cuenca

Hi all, I have transportation set up from GYE to Cuenca for my upcoming trip. Can anyone please tell me just how "scary" the mountain portion of the trip is? More specifically, are there steep cliffs that I would be looking over from the vehicle? As you might have guessed, I'm extremely afraid of heights and want to know if I should consider flying (ironic I know) instead.


Wanting to take Spanish language off some websites

Hi all, I am studying Spanish of course, but I live far enough out of town to miss the daily gatherings for sharing language. At least that is what I think. I see posts for group interaction but I don't know how to get there. I am in El Valle, up the hill, in Laguana del Sol. The problem is that some websites including Apple Support have switched entirely to Spanish language on my computer. Going to Apple preferences and making sure my main computer language was English US didn't help. Yahoo opens in Spanish but lets the inbox remain in English. I can discern and even translate some of the Spanish, but there are related problems like Google asking me every single night to add my password for my Google Gmail account. Perhaps there is someone here who can help with that. There is a message incomprehensible to me, in English, where it says that MAC OS wants to read my contacts and be able to delete my Google program and contacts. Then it says Trust MAC OS? That is why I wanted to contact Apple Support. I have put in the password for my main inbox address in Google almost every day but the message never is satisfied.

Suzanne Cerny

Luggage limit on Alianza del Transporte

When I visited Cuenca in April, I used Alianza to get from Guayaquil to Cuenca. I had only a small suitcase and a knapsack. When I move there in July, I will have 3 suitcases of various sizes and a cat. Do you know if Alianza has a luggage limit? I don't want to get to their terminal and have them tell me I have too much stuff.

Ted Behr

Real stories from the Hogar

That was close. The doctor said that if we were 5 minutes later, the baby would have died. She went into convulsions at the house. This two-year old girl is one we have been working with since her birth. Luckily, she was at the house when it occurred. If she was at home in the jungle, the outcome would not have been so good. She was discharged on Saturday and has returned home.

One of our greatest challenges is earning the respect of native tribes. It takes time. They have been so impressed with our intervention in working to save the life of this little girl, that they have invited us to a celebration in their community. Monday, two representatives from the foundation are leaving on a 12-hour trip to visit the tribe. On Tuesday, they will have a celebration with 25 mothers where we will be the guests of honor.

Hogar de Esperanza is proud of the work we do every day to save lives of those affected by chronic illness. We are also proud of the acceptance and awareness we are creating in communities all across Ecuador about the effects of HIV. We work toward the goal of when the many youth and babies like this 2 year old girl, we support, will no longer have to worry about HIV.

Garry Vatcher: 096 896 2015. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

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