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Happy Thanksgiving day from the team of GringoPost
Ads will resume tomorrow morning

Health-related questions

It appears that lumbar spinal surgery may be necessary on three vertebrae, and I am asking as a retiree if anyone has experienced something similar in Cuenca; any surgeons you recommend to consult; would it be three or four days and in which hospital; roughly how much money would I need to save, and anything else I may not know to ask - including do any surgeons work with IESS anymore? Any relevant input would be helpful and appreciated.


Visitor's health question

I am hoping to come to Cuenca for an extended period in the Fall. I have post-surgical problems related to bladder control. Are there pharmacies or other stores which sell adult male diapers?


Help your community by shopping at Hogar de Esperanza Thrift Store

If you had an easy way to positively impact your community, would you do it? Most people like to help others, but they often don’t have the time to volunteer nor are they aware of opportunities to help in other ways. If this sounds like you, here is your opportunity. The Hogar de Esperanza thrift store, a part of the Fundacion Hogar de Esperanza, is located at Tarqui 10-15 and Gran Columbia. The store carries a wide variety of items for sale, and all the profits go to support the charity whose goal is “to improve the quality of life for those affected with illness, with an emphasis on HIV.” The foundation partners with Mujeres con Exito, Hogar Emanus, and Collectivo integracion Ciudadana. Because of the great work they do in the community, they receive support and cooperation from The Catholic Church, The Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, The Department of Education, The customs Department, as well as various hospitals, schools, and universities. The thrift store is a major source of income for the charity, so if you would like an opportunity to give back to the community, shopping at, or donating to the store would be an effective way to do it. You can bring your donations of clothing, household items, and anything else that could be sold to the store (and yes, they accept cash).

Starting May 28th to June 1st, men’s clothing is 25% off.

The foundation is located at Tarqui 11-36 y Mariscal Lamar.
Phone: 096 896 2015

Eugene Koch: .

City: Cuenca

Donate your IVA returns

Most people like to help others, but there are often conflicts that make it difficult to find time to help or volunteer. Perhaps the main reason people don’t help is that they are not aware of volunteer opportunities or other ways to help. If you are 65 or older, Hogar de Esperanza has found an easy way for you to help. The foundation can now assist you with your monthly IVA rebates. For those who do not currently receive this rebate, why don't you consider letting us help you get this refund and donate it to our work? We have met with SRI and they are excited about helping us with this initiative. It is a great way to give back to the community without costing you anything.

If you would like to participate, please contact us. 096 896 2015. Call after: 6 AM.

Eugene Koch: 096 869 2015. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Need a driver with a truck or large van, either from Quito/Guayaquil

Everything I have seen in recommendations is just around town in Cuenca, or has a small sedan. We need someone to pick us up at airport and bring a family of 5 with luggage/crates into Cuenca. Any personal recommendations?


City: Cuenca

Worship service

Centro Familiar Cristiano invites you to worship with us this Sunday the 27th, at 10:15 AM. Let´s immerse in His presence.

Bring your children. They have their own special celebration too, from two to eleven years.

We are located on Gran Colombia and Octavio Cordero (corner) (4 blocks past San Sebastian Park). There will be simultaneous English interpretation.
(Buses #100, #22, #16 serve the nearby area).

May, 27th, from 10:15 AM to 12:30 PM, free event, We are located on Gran Colombia and Octavio Cordero (corner) (4 blocks past San Sebastian Park), Cuenca.


Grande Feria at Sabatino’s Saturday, June 2

Loaves & Fishes, Cheeses, Yogurts, Blueberries, Bagels, Pastries, Quiches, Bacon, Mediterranean Canned Veggies, Pickles and Dietary Items, Coffee, Peanuts, Apple Cider Vinegar, Hummus and Flat Breads, Cookies, Jams, Pet Products, Cinnamon Rolls, Egg Rolls, Fried Chicken & Fried Shrimp and More. Who needs a grocery store when you can get all that from the best bakers, cooks, and vendors in Cuenca? See you Saturday.

Saturday, June 2, from 10 to 2:30, Free, Sabatino’s Garden Restaurante, Roberto Aguilar y 3 de Noviembre, Cuenca.

Laurie Bowers: 096 798 2182. Call after: 10 AM.

Last days

CVA reminds you that Garry Kaulitz’s show, “Something Old, Something New” will close June 3 at 6 PM. Garry is a master printmaker from South Dakota who has lived and worked both nationally and internationally but now lives in Cuenca. His forceful and intense artwork is always thought provoking and his bold sense of color will energize you. If you enjoy fine art, you need to see this collection of prints, paintings and drawings before it is too late.

Saturday, May 27 and 31, June 1, 2 and 3. 1 – 6 PM, Free, Calle Larga 3-82 y Vagas Machuca, Cuenca.


Indivisible Ecuador, May Meet-Up

Tomorrow is the day.

Won't you join Indivisible Ecuador as we explore how climate change may be causing a decline in Cuenca’s annual rainfall totals and how US climate change policies may threaten the life you are now enjoying?

As usual, we will also be registering people to vote.

Please remember,

US citizens voting abroad must register to vote every year.
every vote counts, no matter where you live!
How you vote can determine your quality of life in Cuenca.

Please join us for a private party. The discussion will start at 4:30. Enjoy special tacos, ($2), Mojitos ($4) and Margaritas ($5). The full menu will be available as well. $1 suggested donation at the door.

Reserve on our Facebook group events announcement at: Indivisible Ecuador – and “join” us while you’re there.

See you Sunday.

Sunday, May 27th from 4 to 6 PM, free, Common Grounds, Eduardo Crespo Malo y Gran Colombia, Cuenca.

Naomi Herndon: 097 990 3867. Call after: 9 AM.

Meditation at Cuenca Shambhala Center Sunday, Namaste India

The Cuenca Shambhala Meditation Center invites you to meditate together, 10 – 11:30 AM May 27 and every Sunday morning, up the stairs at Namaste India Restaurant.

Shambhala International follows the tradition of Pema Chödron and her teachers Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.
Chairs and cushions are provided.
Meditation instructions are available free online at

Free of charge. Donations - and you - are welcome.
¡Se habla español!

On the web at

Google Maps:

10 – 11:30. Sunday, May 27, and every Sunday, free, donations welcome, 8-81 Calle Larga y Benigno Malo, upstairs in Namaste India Restaurant., Cuenca.

Craig Adams: +593 98 284 8203 (WhatsApp. Call after: 9 AM.

Looking for vegetable steamer

Hi all,

Looking for vegetable steamer. Have you see these around?

Maybe you have one to sell?

Many Thanks,

Jo Austin: .

City: Cuenca

Need a cleaning person/maid

We need a cleaning person to do infrequent cleaning on our vacant rental property in Cuenca. Simply looking for someone reliable, does a proper job and honest who charges a reasonable local price. Please contact us via email. Thank you,

Alex: .

City: Cuenca

Need a mini-fridge

Looking for a used mini-fridge 2-4 cu. ft. Around 3 ft tall. Decent condition.

Greg: .

City: Cuenca