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Happy Thanksgiving day from the team of GringoPost
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Long-term care facilities question

I'd like to know about expat experience with nursing homes and long-term care facilities. I'd appreciate your comments. What facilities are available? What's their quality? Cost?

Jerome Long

Hello from USA

I want to say thank you to Ecuador for being an amazing place to live for 4 years. I miss you deeply,

Sasha Davidge

City: Cuenca

Parasites and water

I have been reading up on Ecuador and have read several blogs where people have gotten parasites from the food/water. Can anyone give me more information on this? Does pretty much everyone get parasites at some point while living in Cuenca? Is it safe to bring my young (<5 yr old) child? Can the parasites be deadly? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Much Thanks


Worship service

Centro Familiar Cristiano invites you to worship with us this Sunday at 10:15 AM. We are grateful for Your presence God.

Children have their own special celebration too, bring them. (from two to eleven years.)

We are located on Gran Colombia and Octavio Cordero (corner) (4 blocks past San Sebastian Park). There will be simultaneous English interpretation.
(Buses #100, #22, #16 serve the nearby area).

July, 21st from 10:15 AM to 12:30 PM, Free Event, Gran Colombia and Octavio Cordero (corner) (4 blocks past San Sebastian Park)., Cuenca.