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Happy Thanksgiving day from the team of GringoPost
Ads will resume tomorrow morning

Vehicular manslaughter

On Thursday May 24th, there is the tragic story of a US mother and toddler being killed in a crosswalk by racing cars on their street. We see it every day on Ordonez Lasso where cars are traveling and passing each other at what surely is 60-70 mph from traffic light to another.
Recently Ronald Zook was mowed down by at least two speeding cars with one tail-gaiting. Neither could stop to avoid this. Neither do cars here observe crosswalks in this highly populated neighborhood. We are all afraid to cross the street at these, traffic lights, or wherever anymore.

In the US they are charged with vehicular manslaughter. Here they get off with no penalty. If someone being run over doesn't make any difference, what will?


Events and eating in Quito

I am looking for a forum similar to this one where the postings are primarily about Quito ... events, good lodging for a month or two, interesting places that you recommend and good and/or unusual places to eat.

Bruce Maxfield

Electrical grounding, what it is? Are you protected at home?

My name is Lino Ramirez. I am an electrician and will be participating in a seminar on May 29th. This seminar is organized by Triunfadores de Cuenca and is especially aimed to expats. It is called "Boot Camp for Newcomers".

Do you know that your dwelling may not be protected with grounding? If you have children and elderly people living in your house you owe it to yourself to know this. I will be offering totally free of charge no catch whatsoever, an inspection of your electrical installation for grounding and then give you a free report. I feel it is my duty as an electrician to do this for my fellow citizens who are happily and safely living in my beautiful country but unbeknown to them a faulty electrical installation is a reality. Many people get hurt daily but this problem seldom makes the news. During my presentation I'll be giving you information as to what to do until you get your grounding repaired for those who know they have grounding issues or how to replace an electrical outlet with a GFCI outlet all of this within 10 minutes. I want to extend my apologies to those people whom I was not able to schedule for an electrical grounding inspection last January. I did not expect the volume of inquiries I received, since then I have hired knowledgeable electricians to assist me in this endeavor.

Boot Camp for Newcomers

What happens when you get caught not paying the required withholding taxes when using a housekeeper? What happens if the house you’re building doesn’t pass inspection? During the occasional drought, how is water rationing handled, and how can you protect yourself?
The answers to these questions and more will be revealed at the Boot Camp foTr Newcomers. his will not be a typical newcomer meet-and-greet. This is truly a Newcomer Boot Camp. Featuring Susan Burke March: “Staying Healthy at 8300 feet” Also featuring short presentations addressing legal, real estate, insurance issues, and about 10 other topics.
The Golden Prague Pub will provide your meal, coffee or soda, and 330 ml of beer for $10.
Attendance is limited to the first 100 people.
Sponsored by Triunfadores de Cuenca, an organization comprised of Cuenca’s best professionals. To help the Golden Prague prepare, please Reserve.

May 29, from 6 to 8 PM, $10, Alfonso Cordero 2-41 y Manuel J. Calle (Across from SuperMaxi – El Vergel), Cuenca.

Kent Mills:

Cultural event

CEDEI, together with the Literature Foundation of the Americas, has organized "A Night of Poetry without Borders", in which national and foreign poets will contribute. The event is free and is open to the general public.

May 30, from 7 PM to 9 PM, Free, Museo de la Ciudad - Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo, Cuenca.

Mariuxi Cabrera: 283 9003. Call after: 9 AM.

Bilingual worship service at Cuenca Christian Church

Please join us for our bilingual Sunday service at Cuenca Christian Church at the SW corner of Av. Diez de Agosto y Pichincha (3 blocks east of Av. Loja). There is parking on side streets and buses #15 and #12 serve this area. Coffee fellowship is at 9:30 AM with the worship service following at 10 AM. Pastor Johnny Pinos will bring the message and Sunday School for children is offered during the service. Enjoy a spirited worship time, a Biblical message and meet some new friends.
Facebook: Cuenca Christian Church

Sunday, May 27 from 10 AM to 11:30 AM, free, SW corner of Av. Diez de Agosto y Pichincha (3 blocks east of Av. Loja), Cuenca.

Mara Gano: . 

This Weekend at the Jazz Society Café

Friday, and Saturday (May 25th and 26th): The Jazz Society All-Stars

Plus: Singer/guitarist, Luis Ullauri

The Jazz Society Café

5-101 Luis Cordero y Juan Jaramillo, Cuenca

Upstairs (2nd Floor) of La Viña Italian Restaurant

Food and beverage service begins at 6:30 PM
Live Jazz from 7:30 PM through 10 PM


Sunday worship service at Calvary Chapel Cuenca

We invite you to join us for worship at Calvary Chapel on Sunday. We are located eight blocks west of Coral Centro at the intersection of Juan Pio Montufar and Primera Convención. We have an English service at 9:30 AM and two Spanish services at 8 and 11 AM. Bus Line 22 has its westernmost stop in the block in front of the church.

Every Sunday at 8, 9:30, and 11AM., Free, Juan Pio Montufar and Primera Convención, Cuenca.

Charlie Carroll: 098 822 6365. 

Hair perm

I have a perm from the US. I am in need of a beautician experienced with giving short haircuts and perms. Do you, or do you know of someone who does?

Sonia: 099 086 2839. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Cassette player

Please, no smart aleck remarks but we have lots of prized cassettes and the mover left our player in the States. If you have or know where we can get such a player please call me.

Rambo: 098 368 1919. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for a veterinarian in el Vergel

I looked up recommendations on GringoPost for veterinarians and there are several. Dr. Boris Brito, Dr Vinicio Espinoza, Dr. Freddie Carpio, and Dr. Pedro Reino. None of them is in el Vergel, however. Dr. Fernando Fernandez de Cordova is on Calle Larga, which is close. Can anyone recommend a good, English speaking veterinarian in El Vergel?

Richard: 096 860 3494. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for teak deck boards

Does anyone know where to buy teak deck boards (with finished edges) in Cuenca? Thanks for your help.

Dotti Peacock: 099 349 3044. Call after: 7 AM.

Looking for a certified translator

I’m looking for someone who can help me with document translation from Spanish to English. The documents are for a visa application.

Glenda Reinoso: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for stainless steel electric kettle


Looking for stainless steel electric kettle.

OK, if the outer kettle is plastic, just so the inside is stainless steel.

Thank you,

Jo Austin: .

City: Cuenca