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Happy Thanksgiving day from the team of GringoPost
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Visa questions

Hey all, So, my tourist visa extension expires in 10 days (the 90 days on top of the original 90). I recently accepted a job at a school, but it’s a very new school and they don’t know very well how visa processes work (neither do I). I’ve contacted the Visa Angels here in Cuenca and they are unsure of how to prolong my stay without me having to leave the country and go back to the States for an extended period of time. I can’t do the special tourist extension because that has to be 30 days out.

I’d really rather not have to hire an attorney, as rent is due. I have an apartment here and I’m pretty settled. Has anyone tried to get a visa with so few days left? Does anyone have any insight?

Pepper C.

Dermatologist in Cuenca

Need recommendation for a dermatologist for both medical and cosmetic services.


Keto group

Is there a low carb keto group in Cuenca?


Living in Panama vs Ecuador

I am curious if someone has either lived in Boquete or in Panama and now living in Cuenca to share how you will compare the cost of living between two.

I will also welcome if you have done some recent research of the above.

Dodd Sheikh

Can't shop online from Ecuador?

A lot of online sites that I am trying to shop on (JC Penny, Macy's, etc.) are not allowing me to shop or even create an account because my IP address is in Ecuador, even though I want to use my PayPal account to pay and I have a US shipping address. Do I have to completely change my IP address and is that an easy thing to do? Should I do it? I really want to shop! I emailed some companies and they made it possible for me to purchase from them, but most are just telling me I have to have US internet provider.

In advance, thank you for your time and advice.

Cheyenne: .

City: Cuenca

Gas delivery music

I miss the gas delivery personnel who use to beep their horns. I could hear them coming from far away, and it was not irritating. What is irritating is running outside to flag down the truck playing music but missing them because the music is not loud enough.

The beeping was terminated by the city people because the noise was supposedly irritating. Not.

My main irritation is motorcycle noise. Obviously, the owners remove the muffling devices to make them as loud as possible likely thinking the volume is proportional to their testosterone levels.

Other things like bus noise and soot expulsion set me off too.

In the meantime, bring back the beeping.


City: Cuenca