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Toyota Yaris, 5-Door

We bought this 2002 vehicle in 2014 for $10,000 and have since replaced many parts in order to try and get it back to what Toyota originally intended the car to be. As with virtually every single used car in EC, many parts were aftermarket or just hodge-podged together and this was not okay with me. Many of the things we replaced did not necessarily need to be replaced but we had intended this car to be with us for many, many more years and so wanted it to be in the best possible condition for reliability. The reason for selling now is because we bought a 4x4, as we decided to move very far outside of Cuenca and onto a ranch in the countryside. This car has taken us all over Ecuador without a single problem. We've put over 30,000 km on it since purchase. The paintwork is definitely lacking, but we always saw it as, 'Well, it's already got the obligatory Ecuadorian bumps and bruises so it won't break our hearts when the next scratch appears.' Paint jobs are cheap here though, starting at around $200. All of the work was done by either myself or Toyocuenca to ensure absolute quality and dependability. The car has a 1.3L 4 cyl so it does not require the usual 'impuesto ambiental', or smog tax, every year. This can be a huge savings as a larger vehicle, with say a V8, can run up to $1000/yr.

The vehicle has currently got about 184,000km, which is about 114,000mi.

Items replaced:
Radiator, hoses, & pressure cap
Complete A/C System Rebuild
Rear shocks
Water pump
Fail-safe Thermostat
Continental Tires
Entire braking system replaced
Original Toyota Radio/CD/Cassette
Spark plugs
Custom seat covers
Fuel pump/filter/seals
Fuel pressure regulator
All dash/accessory lights replaced
Oil control valve sensor
2 ignition coils
Several rubber suspension bushings

Includes a new Allison clutch kit we bought in the USA 'just in case'.

We are asking $9,500 negotiable.

The only remaining things that we would eventually replace are:
Paint (maybe)
Front shocks (slightly soft)
2 ignition coils (work fine, but still original)
1 ball joint (occasional squeaks)

Serious inquiries only, please.

Adam Roberts: 099 782 6173. Call Noon.

City: Cuenca