GringoPost | Ecuador: Sportsman propane 6000/7000-watt portable generator, $1,600 (neg).

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Sportsman propane 6000/7000-watt portable generator, $1,600 (neg).

Sportsman propane 6000/7000-watt portable generator, $1,600 (neg). Easily powers common household appliances and power tools. Ideal for camping and running essential household appliances during power outages, this generator boasts an engine runtime of 8 hours at 50% on a common 20 lb. gas grill-type cylinder (double that, with an Ecuadorian-sized bottle). View at I bought this when I was running an online-school and couldn’t afford even a few minutes of outage (I also had 2 internet connections). This generator served me very well. It didn’t require any complex wiring. I just disconnected the mains-breaker to isolate me from the city, rigged a double-male connector to a heavy duty wire (this is included in the sale), started up the generator (electric starter), and plugged a wire from it into the washing machine outlet. I ran it for several days from 9 AM to 9 PM. It would handle the lights (and my computer system), a large refrigerator/freezer, and up to 2 “electro-domesticos” (microwave, convection oven, etc.) without putting a strain on the engine.
Contact 099 731 6603 (English)/099 288 4174 (Ecuadorian)

City: Cuenca