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Kombucha bottle 300ml

Kombucha is a probiotic drink naturally fermented by a colony of bacteria and yeasts. Its flavor is acidic, refreshing and effervescent. Kombucha is an excellent replacement for soda and has great health benefits:

- Prevents cancer with glucaric acid
- Helps the digestive system with probiotics
- Promotes weight loss with acetic acid and polyphenols
- Prevents and relieves the symptoms of arthritis with glucosamine
- Detoxifies the body with gluconic acid and probiotics
- Energize your body with enzymes and vitamin C
- Increases the immune system with antioxidants.

A kombucha full of probiotics will help you to have a good intestinal flora and a good immune system. It is a live food, it is normal that they form dregs similar to those of the cider consisting of accumulations of the yeasts, these are totally innocuous and can be drunk perfectly.

We have 4 different flavors:
1. Delicious taste of original kombucha tea.
2. Refreshing taste of ginger and lemon.
3. Healthy infusion of Hibiscus tea, moringa and guanabana.
4. Powerful infusion of mint tea, chamomile, basil, attack, escancel, lemon verbena, lemon balm, mallow, fragrant, cadillo, cucharilli, llanten, borage, shullo and flaxseed

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