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GringoPost works ... we found our lost dog

Last Thursday we posted that we had "Lost our Dog" ... he ran away. He's the brother to our dog Dexter, also named Dexter (II) and was visiting our house (he belongs to our housekeeper and family). He escaped and she could not find him.

Later that day we posted in GringoPost for the next day. Sure enough, a reader, Minda, had seen the little guy in traffic the next day and followed him for 2 hours before she could rescue him. She called my number but through a different app and I didn't get the notice until late Friday and she asked that we send a picture of our dog to be sure it was the right one ... and it was. We connected late Sunday, and returned the little adventurous rascal to his family. Both were incredibly happy and so are we.
Cannot thank "Minda" enough... such a good heart and soul, God Bless and thank you GringoPost for being such a wonderful vehicle.

Ken and KP

City: Cuenca