GringoPost | Ecuador: Edd and Cynthia Staton release their new trilogy February 1st

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Edd and Cynthia Staton release their new trilogy February 1st

Exciting news from Edd and Cynthia Staton!

They are releasing their first volume of a fabulous trilogy, "Leap of Faith", from the series, Rescue Your Retirement. How Moving Abroad Saved Our Asse(t)s

I have had the honor of reading this first volume, "Leap of Faith" and it's such an exciting and amazing fun read which you will absolutely love.

You too, can read it for free by downloading in on Amazon Kindle, on the first through the third of February, before it goes on sale and becomes a huge success.
Below is from Edd regarding the trilogy, and dates upon which it will be regarding and released.

I guarantee that you too, will find this a fascinating and fun read, so don't miss out on the free download of volume one, "Leap of Faith", on Amazon this February first through the third.


After months of behind-the-scenes effort Cynthia and I are soon publishing a trilogy of books based on these blogs you have so kindly followed for almost a decade.

They are called Mission: Rescue Your Retirement. How Moving Abroad Saved Our Asse(t)s. Here’s the cover from Volume I, “Leap of Faith,” that will be available February 1 on Amazon.

This book is a short read that chronicles all the crazy experiences leading up to our departure from Las Vegas and sets the stage for the shenanigans that ensue once we arrive in Ecuador.

Volume II, “Letting Go,” recounts our first two years abroad as we stumbled, bumbled, and intensely partied our way through the transition to expat life. What a crazy time. You’ll love reading about it when the book is published March 1.

In Volume III, “Living the Dream,” we gradually get our bearings and settle down (not a minute too soon) into a richly textured world of health and happiness that has exceeded every expectation. That one’s coming out April 1.

One cool added feature is that each book includes new, never-before-told stories (labeled “An Untold Tale”). You’ll discover there’s a reason they’ve never been shared until now, and some are going to overheat the hometown gossip mill. Plus Eddsaid comments sprinkled throughout expand the backstory of what you are reading or reflect on previous posts from a current perspective.

And here’s some extra-great news. As our way of saying thanks to you, the thousands of readers in over 30 countries who have enjoyed our adventures, we’re giving away “Leap of Faith” on the first 3 days of release, February 1-3. Yes, that means free.

We’re pumped
Stay tuned for the latest updates including links to our website and Amazon page, and we’ll be depending on you to spread the word about all three books to your email and social media contacts.

Rebecca Sangine