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Who loves hot sauce?

I have been making my own hot sauce back in the States for years now and would also buy hot sauces every time I saw something interesting. I landed in Cuenca a couple months ago but when I got here I bought a few of what I thought looked the best and I followed others recommendations also. They all sucked. I finally gave up and started looking for the ingredients I used back in FL. I couldn't find everything as there are 18 ingredients and they are definitely not common here. I made a batch starting from scratch with hot peppers I found and all the other old ingredients I could find. I gave out samples of it to friends and they thought it was great but I thought it was just ok. I recently was able to find all of the ingredients I needed to go back to my original recipe. This is not super-hot, it’s just loaded with flavor and more like a medium.

I never have sold my hot sauce and I don't plan on selling it here either. I always like to trade so what I am offering is to trade the three spare bottles of what I have for your specialty or whatever you would like to offer other than cash. If you make something good or have something to trade make sure it is about $10 +/- in value and let me know what you have. (I do ride bikes so if you have a portable air pump I am looking for one of those.) This is not a small 3-ounce bottle like in the stores. It will be a minimum of 8-9 ounces and I will only trade one bottle per person. If and when you fall in love with it I will keep you in mind when I make another batch. Let's hear what you have and we can meet up in town somewhere to trade.

Joe Kilinski: .

City: Cuenca