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Homemade bombons with delicious fillings


I have been travelling since 2015 thanks to making these chocolates and occasional house sittings.

I have new flavors, mint and coffee.

The flavors are: dulce de leche and coconut, dulce de leche and peanuts, mint (totally vegan) and mocha coffee (totally vegan).

I do have passion fruit ones but only by order.

Each is 50ȼ but, like I said before, if you order an extraordinary amount, we can talk about the price. I make them myself and I take my time as well as I take part on all the process, toasting peanuts and pealing them, sometimes if I find a good coconut, shed it myself and toast it even. The mint and coffee are new and I am still having fun with experimenting on the recipes.

I hope you like them and enjoy them. I can deliver when you place an order, just give me a few days in advance if you are getting a huge amount. Please, if you have any questions, let me know. My photos here are too big to upload but I have some photos on Facebook: Dulces viajeros de la peca - is the name.

And if you are interested in seeing my trip and other crafts I make to keep travelling, the page on Facebook is - The traveling freckle.


Andrea Pisani: .