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Aquasana white shower filter system and 5 replacement filters

Aquasana is known as an industry leader in the water filtration business.

Benefits and specifications of the system:

1. Softer more moisturized skin: Reduce your skin's exposure to harsh chlorine and synthetic chemicals that can cause skin damage and excessive drying. The Aquasana BPA-free, two-stage filter shower filter improves air quality, enhances water pH and removes over 90% of chlorine vapors, enhances pH balance, prevents soap scum build-up, and provides the highest quality shower water for the cleanest and healthiest shower experience.

2. Stronger healthier hair: One of the most important things you can do for hair is to wash it with filtered, chlorine-free water. Your hair will be noticeably softer and shinier, your scalp will be healthier and your color will stay true and last longer.

3. Patented copper/zinc media and coconut shell carbon
Natural coconut shell carbon filters out chlorine and other harsh chemicals, while copper/zinc media further reduces chlorine and enhances water pH balance.

4. Superior design: Aquasana's unique upflow design prevents media channeling and clogging, retains shower head height and water pressure, and increases water contact time with media for superior filtration and unmatched results.

5. Capacity and materials:

Each filter lasts for 6 months or 10000 gallons. NSF certified to Standards 42 and 61.

AquaSorb™ HX coconut shell carbon
reduces chlorine and synthetic chemicals

KDF 55 process media copper/zinc blend
further reduces chlorine and enhances pH

Easy to install, replace and maintain.

Selling all for $300, firm.

All items are unused. To recap you will get one complete system (filter and shower head and hose attachment as shown on the box) and the 5 replacement filters. It will also come with another, unused shower system, but the shower head was accidentally broken. Another shower head can be used in it's place -- you just need to find the same size shower head to screw on. It is a standard fitting.

For more info, please visit the Aquasana website:

Caroline: 098 635 3817. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca