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Pro solar charger (camping and trekking) with battery for only $150

We are selling a really good technological solar charger.

Description :

Charge set Sigma mobile Oyama: portable charger solar panels OY396 + external battery charger OY410 10000mAh - is a powerful and reliable charging kit, designed to supply "on the go" mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, GPS navigators, digital cameras and many other devices. It is a perfect solution for hiking, a trip outside the city, the country, the nature, and for those who are far away from civilization and is unable to connect to the mains.

Solar battery OY396 equipped with two solar cells of monocrystalline silicon with high conversion efficiency of solar energy. Panel is equipped with two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time!

Panel OY396 easily be mounted on a backpack, tent, box or any other suitable coating thanks to special hanging holes on the body. Practical flexible design of OY396 allows you to roll up panel to compact size and put into a bag.

In addition, the design of OY396 provides a special protective pocket for storing an external battery charger OY410 with a capacity of 10000mAh, who is always willing to hedge in case of failure to use a solar panel to charge OY396 your gadget or for simultaneous charging of two devices.
Powerbank OY410 equipped with a lithium-ion battery with capacity of 10,000 mAh.It is equipped with two USB-ports and can charge two devices simultaneously. A USB-port has an amperage 2.4A that suitable for charging the device with large capacity battery (tablet, smartphone), and 1A, which is enough to charge most mobile phones.

Also, external battery OY410 has several useful additional features: charge indicator that helps control the level of charge in the battery, as well as built-in flashlight that will be very useful in the field.

Charge the external powerbank OY410 possible from a portable charger with solar panels OY396, or using a standard USB AC Charger, or from the USB port of your PC or laptop.

Hybrid Solar Charger Sigma mobile Oyama was created especially for those who do not want to be without communication and can not imagine their life without beloved device. Wherever you are, with this set your trip will be more comfortable and productive!


Supported devices : Mobile phones, Smartphones, MP3 players, e-books, GPS navigators etc
Operating Temperature : -17C TO +48ะก
Power output to devices : 5 V, 2A max
Solar cell output capacity : 11 W
USB output : Dual, 5V/1A, 5V/2A
Material : Mono crystalline
Features : Simultaneous charging of two devices
Power Bank OY410 10000mAh
Capacity : 10 000 mAh
Technology : Li-Pol
Charging : From a portable charger with solar panels OY396,orusing a standard USBAC Charger(not included),orfrom the USB port of your PC or laptop
USB-output : Dual, 5V/1A, 5V/2.4A
Recharge time : 4-15hour (depending on the sun)
Display : LCD, charge %, output amperage
Features : Simultaneous charging of two devices, Flashlight

We have used it only once so it is really new.
Do not hesitate to take contact with us through whatsapp or email. We speak English, Spanish, French and Portugese. Let's talk soon.

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