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OMG… new items at Bernan’s

Just when you think you've see it all we here at Bernan’s have come up with two more items to get that taste you want from home and make your life easier. Sometimes food just isn't hot enough here for your taste buds? Try our brand new Mexican Style Hot Sauce… It’s too hot for us to try so we have had our friends that love “hot” try it. It got 4 thumbs up so we now have it in the pantry on our shelf. Remember when we could just open a can of chili beans and add it to whatever we were making? It’s possible again with Bernan’s very own Chili Beans. Now they are mild so everyone can use them, if you want them to be hot you will have to add some heat yourself.

We have eliminated our Chocolate Mug Cake Mix so that opened up a slot for another dry mix… Any suggestions? We love to try new things so if it’s possible and if there is enough of a calling for it we will give it our best try.

The stove is always cooking up something delicious at Bernan’s ! If you haven’t seen our pantry or if you have and need to fill up your pantry, email or call us for a new product list and we can arrange a time for you to come by. Know what you need or want already?… We can deliver for a nominal fee usually in a day or two. Either way… we hope to see or hear from you soon.

Bernie and Nancy: 096 714 6265. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca