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Amazing birdwatching books on sal. Birds of the Tropical Andes

If you are interested in the birdwatching world, this book is a must for you.

Aleteo, Birds of the Tropical Andes by Murray Cooper.

The Tropical Andes region has the greatest diversity of birds in the world. Its is home to some of the most spectacular avifauna imaginable, from the raucous red Andean Cock-of-the-Rocks to manakins with their intricate choreography, and almost half the world´s hummingbirds - all hidden deep inside some of the most remote rain forest on Earth.

Murray Cooper has captured the essence of that legendary diversity in this volume of over 200 astounding images: the compositions are so intimately crafted, and many of the species featured so rare that they are virtually impossible to see. This phenomenal body of work is the result of 14 years immersed in the forests of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru in search of the stunning, elusive birds of the Tropical Andes.

The last 2 boxes of books (24 books) are now at a sale price of $50 per book (Original price $65). If you are interested as a birdwatcher or as a librarian just drop me a line.

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