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Yunguilla valley dump sale, save $100,000

Primarily selling the land. 3,620 square meters (approximately an acre valued at $40 a square meter or $144,800 for its flatness and proximity to the highway) in yunguilla valley. The improvements outside and the partial renovation of the inside of the house (primarily the new 40 square meter loft) cost $75,000. Essentially we are selling it for the same price we paid and taking a huge loss. This is unavoidable because we are not willing to finish the renovation. It is the deal of the century for someone who appreciates this piece of land as much I I did when I first saw it.

This was going to be our retirement home, but we now must return to the United States. I was in residential construction in the US and the work I have done so far renovating this property is uncompromising.

The land comes with the following:

* a very livable, partially renovated 18 year old, 185 square meter (2,000 square feet) house with a huge front porch originally built by an architect
* a full size, heated pool
* a 40 foot storage container
* three brand new storage buildings for lawn and garden equipment, bicycles, etc.
* brand new six foot tall metal fence (only completed on three sides as of this writing)


* World-Class Front Gate: The concrete and steel columns are massive. The hydraulics are Italian, the best money can buy in Cuenca
* USA Quality Electrical: We have run TTU (underground rated) #2 copper wires from the pole to all three breaker boxes on the property. The electrical lines are buried a full meter in the ground. And all three breaker boxes are the same boxes used in the United States. The electrical pole and meter box are also new
* Geologically Stable Land: You must be extremely carefully buying undeveloped land in the Yunguilla Valley. Mountains move in this area. Even locals buy land that cannot be developed and must abandon it. You avoid such problems by buying established properties
* 18 year old house house originally built by architect: It is all concrete, brick, and huge steel beams supporting the roof. The mortar between the bricks is so strong that it is nearly impossible to drill through.
* Perfect micro climate (no fog): At 4,800 feet the micro climate is perfect. A little lower and you will roast. A little higher and "gotcha;" You buy during the dry season only to find out that you live in a nightmare during the wet season, unable to see more than a few feet every night (and the dampness can be adverse to your health). This property has a perfect micro climate, the one for which Yunguilla is famous. We sleep with the windows open year round. A gentle breeze from the ocean crosses over the property year round.
*Close to the highway: The private raod leading to this property is less than half a kilometer. The closer land is to the highway, the more it is valued in the Yunguilla Valley. Do not make the classical Gringo mistake of traveling halfway up a mountain and falling in love with the view. The problem is that you must drive halfway down a mountain and back up every time you want to buy a carton of milk or a loaf of bread. This classical Gringo mistake is compounded by bad roads. The secondary roads are either thinly paved and fast deteriorating or else they are unpaved and extremely dangerous in the wet season.
* Unlimited potable water: Be careful buying in the Yunguilla Valley. Potable water is actually rationed in some areas, only turned on certain hours of the day
* Irrigation and proven well water: do not buy property in Yunguilla without access to irrigation water. We have that and plenty of proven fresh well water 70-80 meters down into the ground ($1,500 worth of testing with a highly professional report). With sufficient irrigation or well water, land in the Yunguilla can be turned into an unimaginably plush royal garden. Without water, the land is worthless.
* Inherently safe property: There are a lot of intangibles that go into security. A security system is not even at the top of the list. We have one of the most popular truck stops on Highway 59 down at the bottom of the hill, and an equally popular new bus stop. This more than anything makes the property safe. A $5,000 generator set outside for months before we bought the property. Access is via a private road that locks both at the highway and half way up the hill. There is a third gate to your driveway. It has a spectacular, brand new hydraulic gate. You have three neighbors who are generally only here on weekends.
* Well maintained access roads: Some access roads in Yunguilla will get you killed in the wet season. They are not safely driveable even with a four-wheel drive vehicle. The private road leading to this house is less than a kilometer off of Highway 59, but the highway is down the hill and completely out of sight. We just spent $5,000 making improvements to it. This road is now completely safe in the wet season.
* Flat land: Finally, there is the wisdom of living on a steep hillside. If you live on a steep hillside or near the base of a steep hillside (which describes the vast majority of properties in the Yunguilla valley), then you live with the constant threat of massive water flows in the wet season if not the possibility of a landslide. It is not smart to live under this threat to your life and property. This is what makes this property totally unique. It is flat and near the top of a gently rolling hillside that falls off in all four directions. Even in an extreme rain there is nothing to fear.
* Simply the best views: This property has nearly 360 degree mountain views. The views in the backyard are simply the best in the valley. The are breathtakingly spectacular.
* High quality fence: Nearly an acre with a city-like fence around the entire property. You dogs or cats will love you for buying this property. There is plenty of lawn for running around. And they will be safe. The metal fence is brand new and built to insanely high standards including the use of an automotive polyurethane paint. To find such a fence on a large property is rare in the Yunguilla Valley, truly rare
* Maintainable yard: Be careful buying highly planted property in the Yunguilla. Maintaining it during the wet season will require tons of work. In fact, you will probably need to hire someone, and then you have the problem of being an employer in Ecuador. We have flat, USA-like lawns that you can mow in no time.
* USA quality plumbing and electrical: We have converted the very large septic tank on this property to a normal vented septic tank with a leech field. You can flush your toilet paper! And we have TTU (Ecuadorian underground rated) copper power lines in from the poles to all three of the new, USA-quality breaker boxes on the property a full meter into the ground.
* Massive amount of outdoor storage: Including a fully converted 40 foot trailer with heavy duty shelving and a work shop and three new storage buildings made of brick and concrete.
* Brand new loft: We just added a 40 square meter loft for office space and a guest bedroom. (This is one of the four rooms). It is supported by massive architectural beams welded to the original house rebar.
* Ready for large propane tank: The infrastructure is in place to install a normal, large propane tank. including soft K-copper line out to a corner of the property
* Full size heated pool: The view from the backyard and pool is spectacular.
* Ready for large propane tank: Type K soft copper and a required fresh water line have been run to the back corner of the lot behind the container ready to install a full size propane tank. Almost all homes in the country use the smaller, hand carried propane tanks to heat potable water.
* 40 foot storage container: This is a survivalist dream. There is so much concrete in the foundation that the pour started in the mourning and did not end until after midnight with a seven man team. Where the container rails meet the foundation it is two meters thick. With labor and materials, the entire foundation cost in the neighborhood of $10,000. The reason for the thickness is that it is ready to encase the entire container in concrete. Until then, the container is painted a nice brown, has a heavy-duty door installed in the side and US quality electrical throughout. At one end is an open room wired with four separate circuits for whatever equipment you may want to install. At the other end is a small workshop with lots of shelving and a 220 connection for welding or whatever. In between is a massive amount of heavy-duty steel welded shelving for off season or long term storage of things you do not want in the house

Semi furnished, $144,800, negotiable.

Address: San Antonio, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1503691666

I am the owner, Marjorie Fox: (281) 542 3406 (USA) Call after: 10 AM.