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Selling luxury sofas, washers, dryers, fridges, microwaves, and more

Cuenca Used Furniture
Primero de Mayo y Carlos V

Contact: 097 919 1839

Hello to everyone out there enduring the ups and downs of this wonderful journey. I know that Mercury is in retrograde, but just count to ten, or in my case, a thousand. Anyway, it's time to jump into Dr. Who's Tardis again and back in time to the 70's. As I always say, if you don't like time travel, or you don't find Tardis food and drink to your liking, just scroll down to the inventory.

For all you time travelers and adventurers, let's go back to July 1978. Just like many of you guys out there, as a teenager, I had a small part-time job on Saturdays and evenings. I used to sell fruit and vegetables at the community grocery store, which was run by a couple of Greek immigrants, George and Con. I used to use the money to buy all those crazy colored vinyl Punk 45's and long-players. Anyway, this particular evening I was pretty excited, because after the store closed at 7, I was off to the local Youth Club to see "The Victimized." They were a local Punk band, of which, two members, Bryn Merrick and Roman Jug, would later become members of the world famous Punk band, "The Damned." So 7 O'clock comes, and off I go with my best friend, Dave Starr, who would become an "acid casualty" a few years later, after a bad trip where he "met God, "but that's another story. Tonight, my good friend Dave was with me, and all was well.

Me and Dave were just 14 years old, but we had some older mates who we met at Winston Square Off -licence. To all you Americans out there, that's a liquor store. So our older mates Steve and Lance come out of the Off License loaded up with cans of Red Stripe, Breaker, Pernod, and Martini. We have a 30 minute walk to the Youth Club. But first, we sit down on a bench just in front of a red telephone box, and we crack open a couple of cans of Jamaican Red Stripe (a type of beer), and pass them around. There's now a gang of us: There's Rob Power, Tim Olding, Steve and Lance Passey, Dave Roberts, Dave Starr, Paul Hook, Paul Nelson, and myself. Then the girls turn up. There's Debbie Wyman, Sally Ibbotson, Michelle Wyman, and a few others I can't recall the names of. Nelly (Paul Nelson) tells us to watch it, because Police Constable Stereo has his beady eye on us from the local police station a hundred yards away. Dave Roberts passes me a Number 6 (cigarette AE, fag BE), and we hit the road. In about 10 minutes, we arrive at the Colcot Sports Centre. We first cross a football pitch and then a rugby pitch, all the way, passing around bottles of Pernod and Martini. Finally, we arrive at the doors of the Youth Club.

I am the first through the door. Andy, the guitarist, hits the first cord, and all my mates are on the dance floor around me. Dave Starr vomits, and the group are into their second number, "Baby buyer, and next is "High-Rising Failure." I, personally, didn't feel like a high-rising failure. I lived in a red brick house with Stumpy the cat, and my grand mother. We had a large garden that I mowed for extra pocket money, and we lived on a cul-de-sac. For me, life was good, and I had no need to get drunk, nor did my friends, most of whom were sons and daughters of small business owners, but we did it for the hell of it. Yes, that's right! We weren't just young, some of us were pre-pubescent, but it felt great. Some of us would be dead or have mental health issues in a few years time, but right here, right now, it was all going on, baby. I felt like I was going to live forever, and it was fantastic. Oh, wait a minute, someone was calling me. "Ian, you deaf c-nt?" "Yeah, what, Paul?" That's right, I was even deaf at 14. That's before my eardrum was perforated by my form master, Chunky Avery, at school. Remember? I told you about him before. He used to work for The French Resistance in the Second World War. With friends like that, who needed enemies? "Ian, are you with us?" "There's a party at my place tomorrow!" I didn't say "awesome" in those days, in fact I used very few Americanisms. I would say wipeout, radical, and hamburger when I cut my knee falling off my skateboard, but that was about it. So I said, "Great, mate!" "Make sure you bring some booze,"he said. "Don't worry, I'll bring a gallon, I get paid tomorrow," I said.

So Saturday, the day of the party arrives. It's just coming up to 7 o'clock, I'm covering up the fruit, and who should walk through the door? That's right, my mates, David, Steve, Nelly, Paul, and the rest of the gang. This time they stock up with beers from my grocery store, which has an Off-license at the other end. They pick up three flagons of Woodpecker cider for me, and we're on our way. It's a beautiful Summer's evening, and when we arrive at Hooky's (Paul Hook), there's a garden party going on, but it's fresh garden worms that are on the menu, not high tea and cucumber sandwiches. It's a bunch of Punks from Gibbonsdown, and right then, one of them wearing a pair of wrap-around sunglasses and sporting short spiked peroxide hair, swallows a eight inch fat 'n' juicy worm. I can see the a two inch protrusion wiggling around between a pair of bright red lips, until that too, is swallowed up.

So into the house we go, through the back door and into the kitchen. We get stuck into our stash! I pour myself a pint of woodpecker, the boys grab a few cans of Red Stripe, and we're away. I can hear some great tunes coming from the living room, so I grab David and Timmy, and as we walk through the door, Paul drops a green vinyl 45 of The Leyton Buzzards on the deck. Instantly, the three of us start pogoing (dancing) around the room, and everyone joins in. Robert, Paul, David, Nelly, we're all there just jumping up and down, so much so, I cracked my head on the ceiling, but you know what they say, "no sense, no feeling." And that's when I saw her, yeah, her name was Debbie Prince, and she was on my table at primary school. Man, I hadn't seen her for donkey's ears (years). I had always thought she was sweet, but now she was not only sweet, she was drop dead gorgeous, like Snow White, or something. Our eyes met across the room, and she shot me a small smile of recognition, but then she was gone, whisked away by one of my cousin Brian Brown's gang members. He had just parked his motor cycle in the front, and they were both gone. I wondered what she would be doing with a guy four years older than herself, but I soon found out, and it broke my heart. I had put her right up there with my idols, Julie Andrews and Doris Day. And boy, did she fall from grace that evening as my mate Steven Passey taunted me with seaman stained bed sheets found in Hooky's bedroom not long after they had left. I thought to myself in my innocence, that's impossible, she would never do anything like that. To be honest, I never got over it, and really couldn't feel the same about any other girl after. Even though I had never been more than friends with Debbie Prince, and she had no idea how I felt about her, she had just destroyed my world, and I would never be the same again. This was step one of a succession of milestones that would gradually leave me with the heart of stone that I am cursed with today. I could really relate to The Sex Pistols anthem, "No Feelings". It epitomized the sense of disillusionment I felt towards life. Over the following years, just like many of you, the alcohol and drugs would lay waste to my soul, crush my innocence and fill the void. So Timmy filled up my glass, told me feelings were for girls, and we continued jumping and shouting into the night as if nothing had happened.

Now on a happier note, this week's inventory:

This week we have some beautiful sofas, coffee tables, and Persian rugs which we will be accepting offers on. You will have to come to the store to see them, but if you have the room and really appreciate quality, then I'll give you a sight for sore eyes. What I have to show you is for serious contenders, so if you've been searching for something just that little bit special, and you are prepared to spend just a little bit of that hard earned cash, then I may have just what you've been looking for.

leather sofa at $750

wood dining chairs with leather seat at $30 each, or 8 for $200

leather armchairs at $240 each, or 2 for $425

a lightly used wooden framed living room suite for just $200
(consists of 3 seat, love seat, and 2 single chairs)

queen size wood bed at $275

queen size mattress at $125

Indurama chrome microwave at $110

General Electric gas dryer at $450

Indurama 6 burner gas stove at $550

wood night stand at $65

a 55″ Riviera smart TV (just 7 months old) at $650

a quality wood king bed frame with a Splendour luxury mattress at $600

a small to medium size Ecasa chrome fridge at $260

a 15 kg chrome look LG TurboDrum washer at $380

a 16 kg washer by Mabe at just $350

“Cuenca Used Furniture”
Edificio Capricornio
Av. 1 de Mayo 3-73 y Carlos V

– We offer same day delivery
– Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11 to 5, and Saturdays, 11 to 2
Facebook/Cuenca-used-furniture for regular updates and photos

Cuenca Used Furniture: 097 919 1839. Call after: 8 AM.