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Selling and renting boxes

Hi! My name is Javier Vanegas, some expats already know me as a translator and facilitator (among other jobs). I'm selling and renting cardboard boxes (for moving purposes or other).

I need the order to be at least 3 days in advance, preferably, to guarantee availability. Here are the price estimates for purchase:

12"x12"x12" = $2.00 per box
19.5"x19.5"x19.5 = $ 3.75 per box

Custom sized boxes can be arranged for purchase. Contact for more information.
Here are price estimates for rents:

12"x12"x12" = $0.50 per box
19.5"x19.5"x19.5 = $1.00 per box

The full purchase price will be needed as a deposit, at the time of delivery. If any box is ripped, wet, or clearly unusable for the future because of physical conditions, then it will be considered as purchased by the user (the deposit for that box will be kept).

You will get the corresponding money back per every box which usefulness has not been compromised.

Custom sized boxes as long as they are cubic or building-block shaped, can be arranged for renting. Not applicable for very specific shaped or sized boxes, (like for Flat-screen TV's, computers, single/unique ornaments, dinner tables, big furniture, mattresses, etc.). Contact for more information.

Javier Vanegas: 098 954 6281. Call after: 8 PM.

City: Cuenca