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Free puppy

Please come meet this little girl. She was born behind my house to a street dog on May first. We found homes for her seven brothers and sisters but we had kept her because we thought she was deaf. Turns out she was, but only because of an ear infection. That has cleared up and she can hear. We don't know if it's because she never heard her mom barking, or if it is just her personality but she is an extremely calm and quiet puppy. She only barks when she's in the middle of playing with our other dogs. She is completely housebroken, she sits, she shakes hands, and she lays down. It's adorable because when she wants attention she does all three in rapid succession. I would love to keep her; she has been the easiest puppy I have ever had. But we have four other dogs and two cats. I posted her once before as a deaf puppy but I had no takers. Please give this little girl a chance, she deserves a forever home.

Ashley: 098 996 4641. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca