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Selling washers, dryers, dish washers, stoves, beds, fridges, sofas

"Cuenca Used Furniture," Edificio Capricornio, 1 de Mayo y Carlos V

Contact: 097 919 1839

Hello everyone,

This is Ian of Cuenca Used Furniture, and this week I'm going to get a little nostalgic on you before I introduce you to this week's inventory, so if that's not your cup of tea, just scroll down to the inventory. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, I'm going to talk about how I came to be living here in this wonderful city and country. I have mentioned this before to those who have been following my journey with JD's Muebles and Cuenca Used Furniture, but this is where I give you a few more details.

Well I first arrived in Ecuador if I remember correctly, around February 2001. I arrived here with my then girlfriend, Melanie. We were at the tail end of a round the world trip, which we started in India in November of 1999. Anyway, having consulted my Bible - "the Lonely Planet" guidebook, I read about "La Reina Victoria Pub" on the street of the same name in Quito. According to the guidebook, Tuesday evening curry nights catered for by the American owner, Dorothy, were unmissable. For around $5 you could get a plate of curry and rice to die for and a few drinks of beer or wine. So, Melanie and I arrived around 6:30 pm at the Reina Victoria pub, and we met Dorothy and her husband, Gary, Dorothy being from Chicago, and her husband Gary, from London. Well not long after we arrived, Gary had the pub manager play some of his favorite tunes by the "Moody Blues", and other people started to arrive: There was Skip from Texas, who worked for the U.S Embassy, C.J, who had his own oil pipeline company, Barry from England, a small business person, as well as a menagerie of other colorful characters from the expat community. Most of them, like Dorothy, had been living in Ecuador for over 35 years.

Anyway, curry was served, and Melanie and I weren't disappointed. The food was delightful, the drinks intoxicating, and the company riveting. Gary, Dorothy's husband, was describing how as an employee for the oil business, he had been kidnapped by the F.A.R.C, his American boss given a death shot to the head, and he himself, having slipped out the back door, managed to escape with his life. Skip, the U.S diplomat from Texas, was telling me how his wife was about to go under the knife again for her umpteenth time, because cosmetic surgery was so cheap here in Ecuador. And Dorothy told me the night she had to grab C.J's handgun from him after he had drunkenly put a couple of shots in the wooden bar, and then beaten up a couple of Ecuadorian policemen after they had tried to arrest him. Eventually, reinforcements arrived, and they threw him in jail. After a night sobbing and begging for mercy in an Ecuadorian prison cell, C.J was released, Dorothy, also an employee of both the U.S and British Embassy, using her connections to rescue a good friend.

Anyway, long story short, Dorothy asked Melanie and I if we would like to manage her pub. She told me that if we took her up on her offer, she would let us use her 3 bedroom apartment above the pub, pay us a salary, as well as receiving generous tips from the American and British diplomats that frequented it. The only condition was that I had to like Americans, and not be afraid to take their guns from them as they came into the bar, because she didn't want a repeat performance of what happened with C.J. She said that she also wanted to encourage middle class Ecuadorian families to visit her pub, and any other incident would be completely unacceptable. I told her that I wasn't the least bit xenophobic, but because we weren't in Ecuador to work, Melanie and I would help her out until she found the husband and wife team she was looking for.

So that's how I got started here in Ecuador. Melanie and I, took care of "La Reina Victoria pub" and during the daytime, we taught English at a small private institute. We had all our food, drink, and accommodation provided for by Dorothy, so with no outgoings, we saved everything we earned from the pub and the institute, and so accrued a handsome sum, while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

to be continued.

Check out our selection of goods at Cuenca Used Furniture this week:

a white 16 kg LG Fuzzy logic washer at $420
a chrome look 15 kg LG Fuzz logic washer at $400
a white 13 kg Samsung Wobble technology washer at $350
a white 16 kg Mabe washer at $380
an Indurama chrome dishwasher at $500
a large Indurama side by side fridge at $390
a large square wood center table at $60
an Indurama 4 burner induction stove at $230
a Challenger chrome gas oven at $275
a Mabe 4 burner chrome stove w/oven & broiler at $375
a large Whirlpool dryer (over 30 lbs) at $390
a mottled red loveseat at $250
a large clothes basket at $20
a children’s bed with mattress at $35
a wood twin bed frame w/mattress at $110
a metal twin bed frame /w mattress at $80
a three door wooden wardrobe at $220
a Chaide twin bed base at $50
a wood desk / work station
a wood desk at $100
a children’s bedroom wardrobe at $150

“Cuenca Used Furniture”
Edificio Capricornio
Av. 1 de Mayo 3-73 y Carlos V

Contact: 097 919 1839. Call after: 8 AM.

– We offer same day delivery
– Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11 to 5, and Saturdays, 11 to 2
Facebook/Cuenca-used-furniture for regular updates and photos

Name: Cuenca Used Furniture
Phone: 0979191839

Cuenca Used Furniture: 097 919 1839. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca