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Awesome mountain bike, bicycle for sale

The first thing I did when I arrived a year ago in Cuenca was find a great mountain bike. I love riding, and I knew I would need a trusty steed while I was here for the year. At first, I looked for a used mountain bike, but I could not find something that would work for me….so you are in luck now to buy my bike.

This Santa Ana AR1 has been a fantastic all-around bike for my adventures. I have been all round the hills and valleys surrounding Cuenca.

Santa Ana is a local brand of bikes that are manufactured in the same Chinese factories as all of the rest of the frames from the big brand names like Trek and Specialized. And then these are brought here to Cuenca for assembly—which means I got a great deal on this bike. I bought the bike at Base Extreme, which is where it was assembled etc. I have also had it maintained and cleaned there. (Super inexpensive and so nice not to have to clean my own bike).

I had them specially build this bike for me. I wanted high quality shifting and a great frame, but I did not think I needed (and I was right) the upgraded fork. It also has mechanical brakes on it which have been easier to maintain here in Cuenca. I wanted a good balance of quality to cost. I really feel like I hit the sweet spot.

Contact me by email at . Schedule a time to come take a look at the bike.
Price to you: $650
Available: Starting July 10th. I will get it tuned up and cleaned before you pick it up. I’ll be riding it until you need it.
Link: Here are the official details on the bike. I have noted the changes below.

Santa Ana AR1. Size 17.5 inches. (I am 6 feet tall. I like to ride on a slightly smaller frame than average. This frame would fit anyone from like 5’9” to about 6’. But it depends on your leg length and torso etc.

27.5 which is the new cool size. Same cushy ride as 29er in but with more maneuverability.

Components -
Rear Derailleur: SRAM X5 (This is the same one I have on my bike back in the States)
Front Derailleur: SRAM X5
The front and rear derailleurs are the most important components for a bike. The shifting has been fantastic and I have not had any issues to date.
Shifters: SRAM X5
Crank: Generic Brand. Has been solid without any issues
Brakes: Generic Disc brakes. They have worked great. I have had them maintained especially after a long ride with a lot of descending.
Fork: Generic Santa Ana Brand. Has worked great for the riding I have done. You don’t need a ton of suspension on the dirt roads and trails around Cuenca.

I really hope you love riding the hills of Cuenca.


City: Cuenca