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Oral Health and Chronic Diseases - seminar

Toxic teeth - the Connection Between Oral Health and Chronic Diseases, seminar by Dr. Ingrid Naiman and Dr. Indunil Weerarathne.

22nd January, 2017, 10 AM – 4 PM.
Venue: Joe’s Secret Garden, Cuenca
Cost: $10 (includes lunch, tea, coffee and water)

For reservations: or 099 961 7677

In this seminar, Drs. Ingrid Naiman and Indunil Weerarathne will take you on a tour of the links between the mouth and various chronic and sometimes even fatal diseases that possibly stem from infections in the gums and teeth.

They will explain the connections between the teeth and other parts of the body, the mechanisms whereby infections can spread, the pros and cons of various dental options, as well as what individuals can do to manage the risks better. They will also share some cutting-edge technologies that are likely to become available in the near future.

Dr. Ingrid Naiman is an author and tireless researcher in natural medicine. Dr. Indunil Weerarathne is an Ayurvedic doctor from Sri Lanka. They live in Ecuador and would like to meet kindred spirits as well as those who are seeking healthier and safer ways to be disease-free and fully functional into old age.

January 22nd, 10 AM - 4 PM, $10, Joe’s Secret Garden, Cuenca.

Institute for Invisible Epidemics: