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Annie's Sushi: authentic Korean food and Kimchee

Hi everybody, Every Thursday you can see Annie's food on GringoPost.

We always try to use the best material imported from Korea or home-grown veggies, as much as available.

This week's menu:
1. Korean sushi rolls:
beef Bulgogi roll : beef marinated Korean soy seasoning and various veggies: $5
cheese roll: cheese and various veggies: $5
Fried prawn roll: Fried prawn with wasabi mayo and various veggies: $6
Tuna roll: marinated canned tuna and various veggies: $6
Avocado California roll: Avocado and various veggies: $6
chicken salad roll : marinated chicken with veggies: $6
2. Beef Bulgogi rice bowl: marinated beef with Bulgogi seasoning and Kale, bean rice: $8
3. Sweet and spicy pork (jaeyookbokkeum) rice bowl: marinated pork with sweet and spicy Korean
Gochujang sauce and home-grown Kale, bean rice: $8
4. Chuncheon (a Korean city) style sweet and spicy boneless chicken (Dak Galby) rice bowl:
chicken marinated our specially fermented spicy sauce and Kale, bean rice: $8
5. Kimchee and bacon fried rice: $7
6. Kimchee: Our Kimchee is made in the traditional Korean method.
cabbage kimchee: 400g for $5
Napa cabbage Kimchee: 400g for $5
radish Kimchee: 400g for $5
7. side: home-made pickle of veggies mixture: $1.50
home-grown various veggies for salad (rinsed and strained out): $1.50

Delivery policy: If you order over $20, free delivery. Less than $20, $2.50.

December 1st, from 8 AM, 3 de Noviembre y puente Los Todos Santos

Myungae Kang: 098 030 4499