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The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca presents:

The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca under the baton of maestro Michael Meissner, Principal Director, presents the IX Concert of the II Season 2016, on Friday, November 25, in the church El Sagrario (Old Cathedral) at 8 PM with free admission.

The repertoire that the attendees will enjoy is:
The Tomb of Couperin. In 1919, Ravel orchestrated four movements of his Piano Suite "The Tomb of Couperin", for orchestra: Prélude, Forlane, Menuet and Rigaudon; This version was first executed in 1920, and has remained as one of his most popular works. Ravel transcribed for orchestra many of his pieces for piano, but here he reaches the height of his orchestration skills, making a very pianistic piece into a splendid orchestral suite with very few suggestions of its origins. The orchestral version highlights the harmonious language of the suite and gives clarity to its classical dance rhythms; Among the demands placed on the orchestra is the requirement of a soloist oboe of virtuous skills.

The Flute of Pan, Op.15 Jules Mouquet (France, 1867-1946). The work consists of three movements:

1. Pan et les bergers (Bread and pastors)
2. Pan et les oiseaux (Bread and the birds)
3. Pan et les nymphes (Bread and nymphs)

Mouquet was a French composer. He studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Théodore Dubois and Xavier Leroux, and was professor of harmony in there beginning in 1913. In 1896 he won the Rome Prize with his cantata 'Mélusine'. His musical production includes orchestral works, chamber music and pieces for piano. The only one of his works that, from time to time, is still performed, is 'La Flauta de Pan', Op. 15 (1906), sonata for flute of which there are versions accompanied by piano or orchestra.

The Sea, Three Symphonic moments for Orchestra. The softness of the waves and their constant swing are heard. Debussy evokes the foamy surface of the sea, its gradual awakening and welcome to the sun.
"Here I am again with my old friend the sea, always infinite and beautiful. It is really the thing of nature that best reveals the smallness itself ..." Claude Debussy

Dear friends, please know that you are cordially invited.

Ana Dávila Vázquez,
Manager Public Relations, The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca