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Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca presents...

"Serenata a Cuenca, the best of Ecuadorian music and something more ..." celebrating its 17 years as cultural heritage of humanity.

Jorge Dávila Vázquez, "Symphony of the beloved city," 2010

The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca under the baton of the conductor Patricio Mora Yanza, guest conductor, and with the participation of the outstanding singers Cuencanas María Rosa Jerves Racines, Verónica Andrea Tola, Linda Alvarado Alvarado, Pamela Cuji Orellana, Paola Araujo Campoverde and Mariachi Sol de America, presents this concert in tribute to Cuenca to commemorate 17 years of the declaration as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Thursday, December 1 at the Pumapungo Theater at 8 PM with free admission.

The repertoire the attendees will enjoy is:

"The Murciélago" by Johann Strauss (Son), "Tú y Yo" (Hall) and "Avecilla" (Albazo) Singing: Pamela Cuji Orellana, "El Aguacate" (Hall) and "El Canelazo-La Venada" Typical air-Capishca) Singing: Paola Araujo Campoverde, "Farewell" (Hall) and "Let me bet myself" (Albazo) Singing: Maria Rosa Jerves Racines, "This sentence of mine" (Hall) and "If you forget me (Albazos) Singing: Linda Johanna Alvarado, "Popurrí Mocedades" and "Popurrí Huasteco" Singing: Mariachi Sol (Alazos) Sing: Verónica Andrea Tola, "Different Paths" (Hall) and "Morena Ingratitud- of America, "That's why I love Cuenca" (Capishca) and "Chola Cuencana" (Pasacalle) Singing: all the soloists.

Dear Friends, as always, please know that everyone is cordially invited.

Ana Dávila Vázquez, Public Relations, the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca