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Selling recliners, washers, beds, dining/living room set, TVs

JD’s Muebles, Calle Larga 1-213 y Huayna-Capac, Cuenca

Hello to all our clients and friends out there. Some of you who I have met personally know that I arrived in Ecuador purely by fluke. A long, long time ago when I was in Bolivia, I made a couple of good friends from Israel named Karen and Paz. They invited me and my then partner, Melony, to ride the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid trail across the desert of Sorata. This was an experience which I have never forgotten. Before we set off, we watched the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid movie on old VHS just to get us in the mood. The following day after an early breakfast, we all set off on the trail. If I remember correctly, we were a group of about 13 all mounted on horses of various color and size. We were quite a motley crew, Melony and I being the only Welsh people, but perfectly integrated within the group. We stopped off on the way and shared some bread, cheese, and fruit that we had packed in our rucksacks, while our horses rested before resuming our journey.

We arrived at a small indigenous village around six as the sun was going down. Our indigenous guests had prepared quite a feast for our arrival that consisted of soup, sweet potatoes, and different varieties of colored corn and beans. After the feast, we all sang and danced around a campfire, while some of our indigenous friends played charangos and flutes. Yes, my friends, it was at this full moon festival a long time ago, and far, far way, precisely where Butch and the kid met their violent demise that I first entertained the notion of visiting Ecuador. My Israeli friends had already visited, and may, as I suspect now, have been some of the first investors in International Living. You, my friends and clients, have to ask yourselves the question – would you be here now in Ecuador reading this ad in GringoPost if it were not for my enterprising friends from Israel? While I leave you to ponder over the question, I will introduce you to this week’s inventory:

Luxuriously textured walnut fabric recliners, last two available
Electrolux full size washing machine for $175
Twin mattresses starting at $35
CuisineArt stainless steel cookware set for $300
king, queen size, double, twin, and bunk beds starting at $100
an elegant antique style armoire for $400
good quality living room suites starting from $200
handcrafted dining room tables and chairs from $150 (4/6 chair sets)
various flat screen TVs, including all the major brands, starting at $200
a delightful ceramic dinner set, best offer accepted
wood night stands, $65 for the pair
desks and computer desks to clear from $25
a wood entertainment center and TV stand for $90
an induction stove top (still in box, never used) at $250
a dark brown book shelf at $80
a pine book shelf at $50
a full length wood dressing mirror for $90
floor lamps from $30
coffee tables and glass top end tables from $40
a designer bar with glass top coffee bean display for $300

JD´s Muebles, Calle Larga 1-213 y Huayna-Capac (one block west of El Banco Central) if you´re walking from Huayna Capac. If you are walking east from the center, you can find us at the beginning of the second block after Todos Santos church. We have plants in the front, and we are next to a travel agency.

Our hours of business are: Mon thru Fri, 11-1:30, 3:30-5 and Saturdays, 10 -2

You can email us: or

You can call us on: 097 919 1839 or 098 818 7723

JDs Muebles: 097 919 1839. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca