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Selling recliners, washers, beds, dining/living room set, TVs

JD’s Muebles, Calle Larga 1-213 y Huayna-Capac, Cuenca

Hello to all of you lovely people out there. We do hope you are enjoying this lovely weather, because we certainly are. I took my Lucas for a nice long walk along the riverside this morning, so I really feel good just like James Brown. Because John has three dogs, and none of them really get on with one another, he is constantly walking along the riverside, having t to walk each one individually. He doesn’t mind this too much though, because one, he gets to exercise and recharge his batteries, and two, he gets to practice his Spanish with all those lovely people he meets on his morning walk. You could say that he is able to kill two birds with one stone. Yes, our location affords us such privileges and more. Sometimes, when I am grumpy, which at my age is most of the time, I really have to look around me and think, not only are we close to the cream of Cuenca cuisine, but we are surrounded by museums, art galleries, and more. No wonder Cuenca is called the Athens of South America. Yes, my friends, we should relish every moment that we are living in this beautiful city surrounded by such wonderful friendly and cultivated towns folk.

So what do we have for you this week? Well, I did tell you last week that we would cut you a deal on dining room suites and beds - and my friends that still stands. We met some lovely people last week. I’m not kidding! You guys just blow me away with your knowledge and anecdotes. However, I do understand why some of you may be a little reluctant to talk to us. I really do get it!!! I know that if we open our mouths these days and speak what we think is the truth, we may offend someone, or when we share our experiences, they may not pass the litmus test for political correctness. I know all that, but are you going let that stop you. I mean - you’re not just censoring yourself, you are denying other people in the community the wisdom of your experience, and if nothing else, a damn good laugh. This in itself is great therapy, and that’s why I invite all of you to share your stories with us, so even if you don’t buy anything, you have made us laugh, we have listened, and ultimately, all of our lives are enriched in the process. Let’s take advantage of the current zeitgeist by encouraging open and unrestricted communication in an atmosphere of tolerance, and free from fear. Don’t be a stranger, come and meet us at JD’s Muebles, because not only do we sell some great stuff, but we are also part of the new movement of open discussion.

This week's inventory:

dining room tables and chairs from $150
single and double recliners, best offers accepted
all manner of living room suites starting off at just $200
a full capacity Whirlpool washer (barely used) for $450
a full capacity Whirlpool dryer (barely used) for $450
various flat screen TVs, including all the major brands, starting at $200
a delightful ceramic dinner set, best offer accepted
king, queen size, double, twin, and bunk beds starting at $100
chase lounge (barely used) at $150
an elegant antique style armoire for $400
various wood triple door night stands from $65
desks and computer desks to clear from $25
a wood entertainment center and TV stand for $90
an induction stove top (still in box, never used) at $250
a dark brown book shelf at $80
a pine book shelf at $50
a full length wood dressing mirror for $90
a full size quality rug for $180
floor lamps from $30
coffee tables and glass top end tables from $40
a designer bar with glass top coffee bean display for $300
full-size antique table lamps with cream shades for $60 each.

JD´s Muebles, Calle Larga 1-213 y Huayna-Capac (one block west of El Banco Central) if you´re walking from Huayna Capac. If you are walking east from the center, you can find us at the beginning of the second block after Todos Santos church. We have plants in the front, and we are next to a travel agency.

Our hours of business are: Mon thru Fri, 11-1:30, 3:30-5 and Saturdays, 10-2

You can email us: or

JDs Muebles: 097 919 1839 or 098 818 7723. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca