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Reminder for the Impact of Human Stress Response Lecture

Please share. You are cordially invited to a free of charge lecture covering one of the most important topics of the 21st century, "the Impact of the Human Stress Response" by Mary Wingo, Ph.D. On Tuesday, November 15th, at Miguel Estrella 3-50 y Alfonso Jervis, just right off Calle Larga and Banco Central

Mary Wingo is a scientist (human physiologist) and author of the book "The Impact of the Human Stress Response." This book is the first analysis in history covering the scientific, biological, sociological, political, and economic ramifications of stress in modernized society.

She has had 100+ very recent interviews (Including BBC Radio and Men's Health) and media placements from all over the world covering every topic imaginable relating to human experience of stress. You can preview a few of them here:

This lecture is intended for both the general public and for those with a health sciences background and will cover the most complex topic in modern science in very simple language---The Human Stress Response. Dr. Wingo will cover the following:

---What exactly is stress? Why is addressing preventable stress in modern society so important? Why has the prevalence of stress-related diseases, disability, and early death exploded exponentially in recent times?
---The financial costs of stress are a staggering 7 trillion USD worldwide every year. This value is very likely underestimated and represents a minimum sunk cost of 10% of global output per year. Why?
---The mind-blowing science of the human stress response. This is a must see.
---How exactly does stress manifest into disease, including mental illness?
---How does the current political and economic climate relate to the explosion of stress related illness and “social reactivity/civil unrest" on the mass scale we are witnessing on a global scale?

With so many people frightened and confused about the current state of affairs worldwide, this is a must-see lecture for everyone. Dr. Mary will teach you in a clear and concise way about the nature of human stress and how to effectively manage it. Please share and bring your friends.

Tuesday, November 15, from 2 PM - 3:30 PM, Free, Miguel Estrella 3-50 y Alfonso Jervis, right off of Calle Larga, Cuenca., Cuenca.

Mary Wingo: