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Probiotics heads up, working probiotics and vitamins

Heads up on purchasing probiotics in Ecuador. The probiotics are, most of the time, dead or barely working. I personally tested out 3 and one never fermented (dead…not working) and the other two took days and barely fermented (not working properly). Which means I was paying $1.50 per dead probiotic. I started buying and shipping in my own high-end ones. If you want to tag along on my December order here are some items if interested.

Probiotics (freeze dried live bacteria in pill form for easy travel. strongly fermented immediately) $35
Multivitmain with Aloe (Aloe helps aborts vitamins 300-400% more) $40
Bio Cleanse (keeps you regular...probiotics breakup bad bacteria, biocleanse gets it out of you) $40
MegaX (Omega 3,6,9,5,+7) $40

Some of these I have in house, others will be arriving at the end of December. If you want a specific item or a bulk order I will need to know in advance as I am shipping in on an as needed basis.


City: Cuenca