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Gran Roca's Wednesday Farm Fresh Market - produce list

Come to the Gran Roca Wednesday Farm Fresh Market, on November 30 from 2-4 PM at Tienda Nectar in the Centro Historico, on Benigno Malo near the corner of Gaspar Sangurima, only a couple of blocks from Parque Calderon.

All of our produce items are sustainably grown without the use of chemicals, are picked fresh, ripe, and delicious. We enjoy seeing the looks on our customer's faces when they try for the first time our international heirloom quality foods, local Andean specialties, and other lesser known special varieties.
Our top five selling produce Items are:

1. heirloom tomatoes
2. strawberries
3. special bananas
4. real spinach
5. broccoli

Below is a list of the produce items we plan to bring to the Bayou Cafe:

$1 1 bag of strawberries
$0.50 1 bag of special bananas
$1 1 bag of beets
$1 1 bag of broccoli
$1 1 bag of cabbage
$1 1 bag of cauliflower
$0.75 1 bag of green beans
$1.50 1 lb of heirloom tomatoes
$1 1 bag of black beans
$1 1 bag of harvest mixed potatoes
$0.50 1 bag of romaine and/or looseleaf lettuce
$1 1 bag of curly kale
$1 1 bag of real spinach
$0.50 1 packet of basil

We will also be selling hand-picked Tommy mangoes (non-organic from the coast) for $0.50

See you there.


Rob Gray: