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Dog Obedience School

Something needs to be done about Robert and Alejandra! There is some kind of racket going on there. Last August I submitted a post telling of my very bad experience with them. I was bullied, I never got anything in writing, I was lied to, and threatened. I was not given pertinent information about charges, then was threatened if I did not pay, and my dog was kidnapped - literally snatched away and hidden - until I succumbed to their threats. When I withdrew my dog from their training before Robert decided she was ready to be released, I was threatened with legal action if I told anyone about my experience with them. I tried to take my dog out of the training at the end of the first month and Robert said it would be detrimental, given her background, so he talked me into staying another month, but when I visited and realized my dog was afraid of him, that she cowered whenever he approached her, I decided to take her out, but was told that I had to pay for the entire month, and that is when the dog was taken and hidden from me.

These people are liars, and thieves as far as I am concerned, and their daughter is allowed to be around the dogs, and she pulls their ears, and hair, and they do nothing. She is probably the "child" that Robert said was bitten by Mr. Kaulitzes Rottweiler. I never saw any other child around the dogs ever, and I visited twice a week, until I started asking questions, then Robert would change the visit schedule so I'd miss my visits that week.

Of the 10 responses I received to my post last August, one was positive and supportive of Robert, one was non-committal, and the rest were stories of people who had bad experiences with Robert and thus school, but had been afraid to come forward because they, too, had been bullied and threatened.

Isn't it about time something should be done about these people? At least we can continue to spread the word and warn others before they get caught up in this probably illegal enterprise. I see that Robert has mounted a pretty aggressive marketing campaign, and I am sure that many people don't know about the reality of the school.

Janet Crumley:

City: Cuenca