GringoPost | Cuenca, Ecuador: Cuenca Bagels has a special for your Holiday season

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Cuenca Bagels has a special for your Holiday season

Cuenca Bagels has been Cuenca’s source for authentic New York Bagels since 2012. Products range in size from 100 gram (similar in size to the frozen Lender’s Bagels available in the States) to the 150 gram which is similar in size to a bagel shop bagel in the States.

Those who order a baker’s dozen through will receive a free cream cheese with their order. Only one per customer. You will also receive the cranberry bagel of your choice free as well. Order a baker’s dozen via e-mail and receive a free cranberry walnut or cranberry almond bagel of the same size free.

You can now try our bagels at the Sun Flower Cafe, the Windhorse Cafe, The Vegetable Bar and, the Zircus breakfast buffet, located at the Hotel Zahir360 by the Stadium.

We are looking forward to preparing your order for you.

After 1 PM daily, Presidente Cordova y Padre Aguirrre