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Calling for help from all expats in the community of Cuenca

Hello everyone, First, let me introduce myself. I am an independent animal rescuer for about 6 years. In these years, I met many people trying to help the street animals (dogs and cats). A few years ago I heard about an expatriate woman with a shelter here in Cuenca, so I met her and I met her shelter. It was incredible; a great shelter (1 hectare) with more than 100 dogs.

I started to help her as media coordinator for free (all media, brand, logo and identity on facebook and gave her a gift of over 35k like on her page). Obviously she has paid so much money each month out of her own pocket, for food, and many things that you know 100 dogs need. Other big-hearted people and I were trying to help her with fundraising to make the self-supported shelter with donations. (she spend more than 2k dollars a month or more).

For a long time I was hearing that the shelter will close. She cannot continue to pay on her own. You know she has a family and needs to think about herself and her child. She has been helping the street dogs for around 10 years, giving money without charging for herself.

Now, as an alternative to help the refuge I organized a big event with the football team Cuenca, selling tickets to get support for the shelter.

- VIP ticket: $30 autographed T-shirt + ball.
- Basic ticket: $20 autographed T-shirt.
- Basic ticket B: $15 autographed ball.
- Ticket: $10 autographed poster of the team.

All this for Saturday 26, at Mall del Rio (Yanuncay, Room 2).

And a raffle ticket to win an original T-shirt signed with all the soccer team of Cuenca for Saturday 21 at night in Cactus café (Guayana 1-22 and Pumapungo Avenue).

We also have an online option with all credit / debit card and PayPal to buy the tickets.

I invite you to visit the shelter every Saturday morning.

We have an online, unlimited fundraising campaign called "Digging upwards." Consider reviewing it and being an angel for our dogs.

I love her so much. She is a good woman with a big heart for dogs. Cuenca can't lose a woman like her.

Thank you so much for all who will support us.

More information: / 0997048821

November 26th, from 2 PM to 5 PM, $30, Mall del Rio (Yanuncay, room 2), Cuenca.

Brian Mora: