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Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, 20 Watts, IPX7 waterproof NFC stereo pairing

For sale are (two) Bluetooth speakers that are 20watts each, BT4.0, IPX7, NFC, and best of all - Stereo Pairing functions. This is awesome. See below for description.

$70 each or the pair for $130. Need sold by this Friday 11/25. Price is firm.

Aomais Sport II

-52mm speakers (two at 10W)
-SPL 200mV
-THD 1% volume Max
-Load Impedance 4ohms
-S/N > 70db
-Max Noise < 3mV
-Stereo pairing*
- IPX7
-3.5mm line in
- Micro USB for charging
-Charge time 3hrs
-5V, 1000mA input (written on bottom of speaker) for charging
-3.7V 1800mah battery rated 10hrs at 50% volume per manual
-1/4" 20 tripod mount
- Weight 21.7oz measured on a food scale
- Size approx. 8"x2"x3.3" measured with tape measure

- Speaker
- Original box and all items
- AUX cable, flat, orange or green to match speaker accents
- USB to Micro USB for charging only, flat, orange or green to match speaker accents
- Quick start guide in English and German. Very usable and decently written.
- Float Speaker Accessory

Does not have:
-Headphone output jack. For headphones or hooking up multiple speakers via aux cable.
-Power bank ability to charge up external device.
-LED thermo sensor (Ability to wave hand over LEDs and they turn on after they auto turn off).
-FM radio.
-Power adapter (the cube you plug into wall).
-SD card slot or regular USB port. (Ability to load files on a SD card or a USB flash thumb jump portable or external drive and stick it into the speaker’s slot and play the music. This option, not found on this speaker, is usually found only on more expensive models and the idea sounds great but in reality it isn’t. Why? You can’t control the music from your phone. You have to control the music form the speaker. That means you only have the option to hit ‘Next’ or ‘Back’ to change songs. Imagine having to click 'Next' through 30 gig of music to try and find the one you like. There's no search and no sort. This option MIGHT be handy for a single occasion but really, what a pain for regular use IMHO)

Notes on:
Stereo pairing* – This allows two of these Bluetooth speakers to connect by Bluetooth to each other. One plays left channel audio. The other plays right channel audio (I have TWO speakers for sale). Music is played as usual from a single source. JBL has an option like this which they call JBL connect and can be found on the JBL Flip 3. JBL misleads you by saying you can connect ‘multiple’ speakers. The truth is that when they say ‘multiple’ they mean two. This ability can also be referred to as Advanced TWS Technology. Stereo pairing is, IMHO, very important. Why? Because the sound coming from two different places, and in stereo, sounds way better, no matter how loud or soft the sound is. So if you buy two of these Aomais Sport II’s which are 20w each you can pair them and get a total of 40Watts. And it’s in Stereo. Of course you can un-pair and have single 20w speakers as usual. I found that not many Bluetooth speakers have the stereo pairing option.

IPX7 – This speaker is IPX7 certified according to the box and manual. The 7 means it is certified waterproof down to max 1m of water for 30 minutes max with all ports properly closed. The X means it is not certified for dirt or dust intrusion. However I inquired the manufacturer if it is dirt and dust proof and they responded that it is IP67 and they do have certification. FYI the 6 in IP67 represents the highest level of dirt and dust protection.

BT4.0 – pairs fast and easy.

NFC – Super fast and easy pairing with NFC compatible devices. Currently Apple devices will not connect via NFC because Apple has NFC locked. Right now Apple’s NFC pretty much only works with Apple Pay. That may change in future but right now my iPhone 6 iOS 10 won't NFC connect to any Bluetooth speaker including this one while I've asked people to NFC connect their Android devices to this speaker and it works great. Hold phone near to speaker, get a notification on phone, click ok, play music.

Float speaker accessory – Inflate it. Set this speaker on it. Float it on your pool. It's for pools. Not waves at the ocean. Gimmicky but kind of cool to have a floating speaker.

Additional info:
A ‘Sling’ is included with each of these speakers I'm selling. With the slings you can carry two speakers in one hand. They add a layer of protection and sound isn't affected. It's nice to have a decent handle on the speaker for sure.

Personal comment:
I researched in depth several 20w and 30w BT speakers under $200 and poured through the questions and answers on the internet to compile data on each. After compiling data and comparing, it wasn't hard to decide. I went with two of these Aomais Sport II speakers and bought the slings for each. Why? I don't want the options it doesn't have and do want the options it does have. For 80 bucks each, 20w, BT4.0, IPX7, NFC, and most of all - Stereo Pairing - no one else came close.

More thoughts:

- The tripod mount could be cool if you wanted to mount the speaker on a speaker mount or your handlebars. A tripod or bar mount is not included, obviously. The speaker just has the threaded hole needed for them.

- I mentioned I don't need the options it doesn't have. For example, If I need a portable charge bank (an option this speaker doesn’t have) I'll buy a dedicated portable charge bank. The SD Card and/or USB drive playing ability is over rated IMHO (also an option this speaker doesn't have). I wouldn't use it much if ever, so I'm not going to pay another 50 or 100 bucks for that or LEDs that come on with a wave of my hand (also not an option here). The LEDs on this speaker are fine. Subtle and useful. Again, SD card and USB playing is very limited as I mentioned above and fairly useless unless you could sort and search music. Which you can't. Not on any portable Bluetooth speaker I found under 200 anyway.

- Considering it's 20Watts, remember it's a little bigger than pocket size (yet average if not smaller than other 20W speakers). This isn't going to comfortably fit in your pocket or dangle from a normal back pack. It could but it'd be a bit big. It'd be fine for throwing IN the bag and at 20watts you'd hear it fine.

I feel satisfied that I bought this speaker. I bought one and then bought a second for the Stereo Pairing. I also bought the slings. Unless you need to show people you can afford BOSE, I'd recommend this puppy.

Notes from manual:
-Speaker powers off automatically after 2 minutes if there is neither Bluetooth connection nor plying, and will be powered off automatically after 15 minutes if it is not playing even if connected with Bluetooth.
-Plugging in Aux cord disables Bluetooth

5 stars for all the above. Keep in mind audiophiles will never give BT speakers a 5 because BT speakers, especially less expensive ones, can't give the extreme fidelity audiophile ears are looking for. I'm not an audiophile. The features vs cost ratio vs satisfy my needs ratio makes it a 5 star product.

- Hardwiring is not going to work. (Using AUX input and leaving charging cable plugged in). This speaker will turn itself off and if ever the AUX input isn't active, the speaker will assume it needs to search for a BT to connect and will say “searching for Bluetooth" thus interrupting music play noticeably. I am not sure but it may actually power off even while playing via AUX because this actually happened to me while using two speakers hooked up like this. 10 or 20 minutes later they stopped playing and upon inspection they had turned themselves off. Do I care? No. I bought portable speakers and will never try to hardwire. Most all BT speakers I looked at auto power off so this is probably an issue across the board. User discretion.

Please email me ASAP if you are ready to buy. We are heading back to States Saturday. We will sell them for $70 each or $130 for the pair. Firm.

Monica Perry: 593 098 479 5227. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca