GringoPost | Cuenca, Ecuador: An agricultural farm crop and land sale with a 23% ROI

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An agricultural farm crop and land sale with a 23% ROI

A new Guayaquil International Airport and surrounding commercial city has begun development. While the progress takes a number of years, a successful land developer has acquired 20 hectares that will be used to harvest a fruit that has been found to be effective against certain cancers, and the land then will be part of the commercial city.

The discounted return on investment from the harvesting of the fruit will be 13%. Then, when fully appreciated from the airport development the land will be sold. That will increase the overall ROI to 23% as each share will receive another $50,000 from the land sale.

An initial investment of $9250 per share will distribute $70,238 over the 14 years the project will last. The developer will be retaining 60% of the project and will sell 80 shares to investors.

We invite you to learn the details at, and then meet with us at your convenience to answer any questions you might have.