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Selling gas stoves, dryers, living/dining room sets, beds, TVs, desks

Hello to all you lovely people out there from your friends, Ian and John at JD’s Muebles. Well John is probably at the summit of Machu Picchu as you read this post, and is no doubt having a spiritual epiphany. I was in Cusco back in 2001 waiting for the rain to stop, so I could make the hike to the top. And guess what? I was there two weeks waiting, but to no avail. Anyway, I have been back to Peru at least six times since, and the last time I spent around six weeks there with my wife, Alex. Reader, I tell you, if you haven’t had the Peru experience yet, leave your comfort zone, and take the plunge - you will not be disappointed.

So, with, or without John, we must crack on. This week, I am addressing all you lovely people who love life, fighting the fight, and holding it together. I know that some of us are in conflict with friends and family over issues real or imagined, but no one said it would be easy, right? I mean it does look like everything is going to hell in a bucket, but remember, like Lennon and McCartney said, “nothing is real”, not even McCartney according to some. Let’s not be in conflict with each other, because we need to save our energy for when it’s really needed. If we do have any enemies out there, don’t you think they are going to look on in glee, as we battle over arguments which we can’t even substantiate? We have to stay focused and remember why we came here.

Anyway, if you have a little time this week, pay us a visit and we’ll try and lift your spirits a little. Just turn off the TV and drop in to JD’s. Life is pretty good when you leave your recliner, close the laptop, and ride your bike, or walk the dog to our store. Like I always say, we have plenty of chairs to sit in, so bring some cakes, fruit, or your water bottle, and who knows, we may even have a conversation about real everyday things that affect our lives.
This week’s inventory:

A 4-burner chrome propane gas stove (Indurama) for $400
A 5-burner Mabe stove for $650
A never-used induction stove top in a box for $255
1 maximum capacity Whirlpool dryer at $450
A triangular wood dining room table with six chairs for $480
A square wood dining room table with 4 chairs for $450
An oblong wood dining room table and 6 chairs for $470
A traditional wood dining room table and 6 chairs for $470
A four piece living room set that includes a 3 seat/love seat/2 singles for $450
An elegant 3 piece living room suite (can also use for patio)for $350
Floor lamps (just over 4 feet tall) for $40 each
An elegant wood night stand for $75
A pair of three drawer night stands for $150
1 Krups Silver Art collection Pump Espresso machine with stainless steel housing $250
1 fine brown wood king bed with Chaide pillow top mattress and night stands at $1600
Computer desks from $30
Desks from $60
a Samsung 32” LCD HD flat screen TV for $385
an LG 32” LCD HD flat screen TV for $365
an LG 42” LCD HD flat screen TV for $725
a Sony 46” LED Full HD flat screen smart TV for $850
a queen size bed with Chaide pillow top mattress for $350
A double wood bed frame for $150
Bunk beds with mattresses for $300 (the pair in wood)
Lots of high quality tools to choose from starting at $1
a never used ceramic dinner set by local artist for $500 (original price $1000)
an almost new designer bar for $300
a king size duvet for $50
3 sets of quartz crystal wine glasses at $50 a box
1 set of quartz whisky glasses at $50 a box
2 computer desks at $50 each
Canon printer with $40 ink well included for $125
2 DVD players at $25 each
Space heater at $60
a deep fryer for $60
a pressure cooker for $50
a vertical grill fan for $40

JD´s Muebles, Calle Larga 1-213 y Huayna-Capac (one block west of El Banco Central) if you´re walking from Huayna Capac. If you are walking east from the Center, you can find us at the beginning of the second block after Todos Santos church. We have plants in the front, and we are next to a travel agency.
Our hours of business are: Mon thru Fri, 11-1:30, 3:30-5 and Saturdays, 10 -2
You can email us: or
You can call us on: 097 919 1839 or 098 818 7723. Call after: 9 AM.

JDs Muebles:

City: Cuenca