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Oneness Blessings on Friday mornings at 10:30 AM

Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer, similar to Reiki, but specifically for Oneness (enlightenment) and God Realization. These are said to be the ultimate goal of soul development on earth. It is non-denominational, for the non-religious, it is energy. For the religious or spiritual, it comes as however you pray to the creator of all. For the non-religious, it can come as Universal Consciousness, or Universal Mind.  One additional benefit seems to be that stress leaves.

10 AM, lasting til around 11:30 AM on Fridays.
No charge, however, some people give donations.
Email me for the location.

Here are the Core Teachings: Enlightenment

1. There is only one mind - the ancient mind. It is conditioned by separation and duality.
2. Your mind is not your mind, but an extension of this ancient mind..
3. Similarly, your thoughts are not your own thoughts, but downloaded from the 'thought sphere' associated with this ancient mind.
4. The sense of a separate self is generated by the neurobiological structure of the human brain
5. This 'self', in experiencing itself as separate, generates cravings, aversions, comparisons and judgments, which are the core of suffering.
6. When the self disappears, suffering ends. When cravings drop away, including the craving for enlightenment, you are enlightened.
7. When the 'deeksha' is given, a neurobiological process begins, which leads to the dissolution of the sense of a separate, or fixed, self.
8. When the fixed self disappears, you experience yourself as simply a dance of personalities continually arising and passing away.
9. Your body is not your body. When the self disappears, your sense of ownership of the body disappears, and you experience it as a vehicle for the divine dance of consciousness. Eventually, all creation becomes your body.
10. The mind, based in duality, cannot be enlightened.
11. The self, which is an illusion, cannot be enlightened. The self is only a concept.
12. Enlightenment is the realization that there is no self to become enlightened

Every Friday morning at 10:30 AM, free, email for address, Cuenca.