GringoPost | Cuenca, Ecuador: Now accepting donations for crowdfunding campaign of Proyecto Samán

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Now accepting donations for crowdfunding campaign of Proyecto Samán

Hi everyone, I'm sure a lot of you have already heard of Proyecto Samán and their earthquake relief efforts in Canoa. They are doing amazing things and I urge anyone, that can, to go visit the project and see for yourself. They are accepting visitors and, of course, always volunteers. If you haven't yet heard of Proyecto Samán, please, go to the link below and read the description to understand what this project is all about.

There have been a lot of local Cuenca businesses involved in this project and a lot of fundraising events in the past few months. The money has been well received and put to good use in the camp.

However, now we are doing a big push to invest in their very own transport (a chiva bus and a pickup truck) to really bring this project up to the next level. With transport, they can start including all of the surrounding communities in the events held at the camp, the skill-building workshops, and the seminars at the newly-built learning center. There are some very cool opportunities on the horizon.

It's all very exciting and we're looking forward to seeing this project continue progressing.

So please, donate if you can, or, if you have already donated to this cause, at least help us out by sharing on Facebook. A simple Facebook share can go a long way :)

Thank you for continuing to help out our coast which is still in the process of rebuilding and cultivating new beginnings for the survivors.

Zach Cashero: 098 687 7071