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Yes, 'tis true. Order today until 9 PM and every order over $25 gets a free chocolate PB cup. Order over $50 and get two and on it goes in increments of $25.

Go to; First and foremost - log in; then click on All Products Tab; Shop Around and Add Products to Your Cart; click on Check Out and scroll down to hit the greeeeeeen confirm button; wait - be patient - and it will process your order and tell you "Your Order Has Been Placed". Done.

This week we have some new, some returns and lots of favorites:

* New - Fantastic Peanut Satay Sauce for meats, rice/noodles or even your salad

* New - Cakes of Various Sorts (whole, half or cakelettes)

* New - Chicken Enchilada Casserole (w/ optional guac and sour cream)

* Fave - Big hit with the Beef Enchilada Casserole (also w/ optional guac and sour cream)

* Fave - Another big hit --- Cannelloni Meal

* Fave - New recipe for Corvina Fishcakes -- still topped w/ awesome pina/apple chutney

* Fave - Chili Choices - Vegetarian or Con Carne; medium or picante

* Fave - Hummus - Roasted Rep Pepper or Classic Sesame Garlic

* Back - Cheesy/Broccoli Soup -- this was sold out every time so grab it.

And over 100 other items from which to choose. Delivery is Friday - I contact you Wednesday for your choice of a time window. That's it - log in, look, add products to cart, checkout, hit confirm, wait for Order Placed page.

Call me with questions - 9 AM - 9 PM. Glad to help.

Order today, Monday, until 9 PM. We deliver.