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Cuenca Investment Discussion group

Reminder: The next meeting of the Cuenca Investment Discussion group will be held at La Parrillada Restaurant at 12:30 PM (Note new time) on Tuesday, Oct 11th. La Parrillada Restaurant (Remigio Tamariz 2-25 y Frederico Proaño) is a full-service restaurant with both almuerzos and a la carte menu items.

In order not to charge us for the room, La Parillada has requested that all attendees order lunch. Their Menu Ejecutivo is under $5. Following lunch, the presentation, will begin at 1 PM.

This is a group for sharing ideas and links about investment, with a broad perspective. Discussion ranges from the global perspective, to the country-specific, and to particular markets. This is not a stock-picking group, but specific investments might be discussed from time to time.

This month, Greg Gonzalez will present on: Bitcoin. We’ll also talk about money and currencies. I'm sure gold, silver, and Central Banks will enter into the discussion.

We encourage you to join the Facebook group (Cuenca Investment Discussion) as a place to share analyses and ideas.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 from 12:30 PM, Free, La Parrillada Restaurant (Remigio Tamariz 2-25 y Frederico Proaño), Cuenca.

Wayne Materi: