GringoPost | Cuenca, Ecuador: Cooking Classes with Leslie Breen – October, 2016, schedule

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Cooking Classes with Leslie Breen – October, 2016, schedule

If you love food, love learning new recipes, love talking about food, meeting new people and above all, eating delicious food...then come and join us for a fun-filled afternoon.

Recipes from Emeril, kick it up a notch.
5 October, Wednesday
Chicken Delmonico (with Artichokes), Gnocchi au Gratin with Orleans Cream Sauce, Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas with Caramelized Onions and Cilantro Sauce,
Garlic Meatball Po'boys, Pumpkin Soup

Curries to Kebabs from around the world...
6 October, Thursday
Cilantro Chicken (Kenya), Shrimp in Green Curry Sauce (Thailand), Carrot Curry with Shallots and Chili (Sri Lanka), Beef Kebabs (Vietnam), Red Kidney Bean Curry (S.Africa)

French sampler, a classic meal...
12 October, Wednesday
Chicken with Tarragon and Cream, Fondant Potatoes, Puréed Carrots, Zucchini Gratin, Chocolate Soufflé

Desserts, easy sweets.
13 October, Thursday
Chocolate Bread Pudding with Brandied Custard Sauce, Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate/Orange Mousse, Ginger Zabaglione with Poached Peaches, Peanut Butter, Toffee and Banana Sundaes

Breakfast/brunch, my favorite mid-day entertaining..
19 October, Wednesday
Homemade Pork Sausage, Apple Fritters, Classic Eggs Benedict, Potatoes O'Brien, Baked French Toast

Southern food, comfort food from the States...
26 October, Wednesday
The best Fried Chicken, Slow-Cooked Greens, Macaroni and Cheese, Scalloped Tomatoes, Corn Pudding

Noodles, Asian comfort food...
27 October, Thursday
Sesame Noodles, Malaysian Rice Noodles,Sweet and Spicy Beef Noodles,
Vietnamese Pho, Indonesian Sop Ayam

All classes are $22, including IVA, and are held from 3 PM—6 PM.
Email or call for more information and reservations. Classes limited to 8 people.
Cooking classes with Leslie Breen—25 years’ experience in restaurants and catering in the United States and Ecuador.

Leslie Breen: 098 412 3627.