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Balance - flexibility - strength integrity - relaxation

Bodyworks, Active Isolated Stretching, or AIS as it’s known, provides effects that are similar in nature to massage, to relaxation therapies and give you a real sense of well-being. But, we achieve that sense through completely different means to massage or relaxation techniques. AIS is a program that helps you to recondition your muscles, your joints, bones nerves and proprioception.

AIS is all about stretching. We use gentle, paced out stretches and movements that help to stimulate your nervous system. At the same time, those movements are stimulating your brain, which increases awareness of your body. This very effective technique requires you to hold a stretch foe a few seconds, that’s all.

We use it for all the major muscle groups in your body and the techniques we use are designed to stretch the muscles in such a way that they are lengthened and, by doing this, we can restore your muscles back to health, repairing any damaged tissues, superficial or deep.

The benefits of AIS -

Dramatically Reduce Parkinson’s

Correct Scoliosis

Decreases or eliminates pain

Increases blood flow

Facilitates healing

Increases flexibility or range of motion

Improves ease of movement

Increases elasticity of fascia (connective tissue)

Relieves both physical and mental stress

Rehabilitates injured muscles and tendons

Restructues scar tissue to become more functional

Helps prevent many surgeries

Increases lymphatic flow to decrease edema (swelling)

Helps prepare tissue pre-surgery

Reduces risk of injury and reinjury

Improves posture: head, shoulder, thoracic, and low back

Improves breathing

Improves athletic performance and conditioning

Eliminates pain and stiffness of many types of arthritis

AIS is widely used by today’s athletes, massage therapists, personal/athletic trainers, and professionals.

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