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Andrea Cantos at Broken Bridge Tavern

Saturday, October 1, at 6 PM until 9 PM, Venezulean guitarist Andrea Cantos will perform, without her child on her back.

Broken Bridge Tavern will be open weekly from Thursday thru Monday, noon until 10-11 PM.

Each day at 4 PM on the patio, Ecuadorian guitarist, Luis, plays traditional Ecuadorian and Colombian ballads. On Monday at 5 PM, Colombiana, Maria Quevada, plays piano in the style of tango jazz, both without cover charge. Thursday and Saturday nights, Ms. Cantos will perform, with a $2 cover and Friday nights "Blues Night", Guitarists Spenser Matteson and Paco Lightfoot will perform popular  blues and rock numbers, no cover.

A number of customers have shown an interest in line dancing. If interested, please email me.

The menu for Broken Tavern:

Snacks: Plate of French Fries $1.50
Beef Barley Soup $2.75

Entrees $6.50
6 ox 80/20 hamburger with bacon and fries.
Portobello mushroom with or without bacon and fries
Rosemary Garlic chicken in white wine with bacon and fries.
Paissa Sausage and bacon and fries

Desserts: Large enough for 2 $3.75
Amaretto Brownie with Vanilla Tutto Freddo Ice Cream, Pineapple, bananas, shaved dark chocolate and Grenadine
Crushed Oreos covered with Vanilla ice cream and Amaretto (which makes Butterscotch), pineapple, bananas, shaved dark chocolate, and maraschino cherries.

Pilsner Grande $2.50
Club Grande $3.
Wine Red White $4.
House Cocktails $3.50
Margaritas $4.50
Shots $3.
Fresh squeezed orange juice $2.50
Rum Punch with Grenadine $3.
Super Rich Hot Chocolate with Amaretto $2.50
Coffee regular or Flavored with Liqueur $2.
Tea, bottled water, water con gas & soda $2.

The tables on the patio are available for reservation.

I'll leave a candle on for you.

October 1, from 6 PM to 9 PM, 4-05 3rd of November at Broken Bridge

Mark Quinn: 098 584 5426