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Tools for sale

Two generations of tool collecting to be sold. Current generation can no longer use them due to health reasons.
• Craftsman roll away tool chest with left and right add on features - $600.
• Black and Decker Workmate - $95.
• Ryobi battery powered drill, circular saw, sander, light, charger and two batteries. $75.
• Beckman electrical service meter $45.
• Tentel Tentelometer tape tension guage. $75.
• S&K 18 pc, ½” drive socket set in US Standard sizes. $50.
• S&K 25 pc, 3/8” drive socket set with regular sockets and deep sockets in mm sizes. $40.
• Other tools:

5 different sets of Xcelite 99 Series tools, several types of wire stripers and crimping tools, soft and hard Arkansas knife sharpening stones, inside outside and depth micrometers, valve spring compression clamp, two compression gages, battery hygrometer tester, piston ring compressor, many loose wrenches and sockets, timing light, coax stripping and crimping tools, tap and die sets, several screw driver sets, hex key sets two in US Standard and two in Metric plus many loose ones, various plyers and side cutters etc. and other tools to many to mention.

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City: Cuenca