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Selling stoves, living/dining room suites, washers, dryers, beds, TVs

Hello again to all you lovely people out there from your friends, Ian and John of JD’s Muebles. Aren’t we lucky to be living in Ecuador, and away from all the madness that’s going on around the world? Someone asked me the other day when the British elections are, and I have to admit, I just don’t know, and guess what? I don’t care. When I came to live in Ecuador, I decided to leave all that stuff that made me miserable, behind. I mean if ever I opened the newspapers in the UK, it would be about war, financial/political corruption, or two- page spreads of Hollywood or royal celebrities.

I mean, give me a break. Do you think that when I came to live in Ecuador, I would want to bring all that nonsense, which I could do nothing about, with me? Of course not. I would have to be barmy to do that, wouldn’t I? We all have a choice. We can import the misery with our containers full of furniture, or we can make a clean break, and I decided to do the latter. I love where I was brought up, and I love my friends and family, who I grew up with, but guess what? That’s there, and this is here, and we can carry on with the same old story, or get a new book. I think it was Buckminster Fuller who said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Yes, folks here we are, over the hill and far away. Are you happy? Sure as heck, I am. I am not looking for happiness outside of myself, because I know I will never find it. As some of you know, all we need to do is take that journey through inner space, and try not to get lost. As on any journey, you do need a few landmarks or pointers just to guide you on your way, and basically that’s our job. JDs Muebles is like a beacon of sanity for you right here in Cuenca. When you visit us, we make sure that your journey is a smooth one, and your boat will never be dashed against the rocks if we have anything to do with it. Just let us take all the stress, and provide you with all the necessities for your adventure with just one stop. Our aim is to place you in good stead for the most important part of your journey, the long winding road inside of yourselves. That’s right. With what we’ve got to offer, we’ll help you to get your very own spiritual house sanctified, so that you are freed up to do all that serious inner work that you came here to do. So without further ado, let’s introduce you to this week’s inventory:

Propane gas stoves starting at $300
2 dining room sets to choose from, at $420 each
Living room suites at $350 and up, four to choose from
1 Krups Silver Art collection pump espresso machine with stainless steel housing $300
1 fine brown wood king bed with Chaide pillow top mattress and night stands at $1600
1 maximum capacity Whirlpool dryers at $450
a large LG washer for $450
a Samsung 32” LCD HD flat screen TV for $385
an LG 32” LCD HD flat screen TV for $365
an LG 42” LCD HD flat screen TV for $725
a Sony 46” LED Full HD flat screen smart TV for $850
an LG compact disc and flash memory player with radio for $60
Sofa beds straight outta the wrap from $270
1 Black wood twin bed with Chaide mattress for $150
2 bunk beds with Chaide mattresses for $320 each
a two step ladder for $50
night stands from $50 each
a selection of student desks from $40
1 armoire antique cabinet for $400
a wood cabinet TV stand for $100
an ironing board for $45
Gas cylinders at $50 each
Lots of high quality tools to choose from starting at $1
a never-used ceramic dinner set by local artist for $500 (original price $1000)
an almost-new designer bar for $300
a king-size duvet for $50
3 sets of quartz crystal wine glasses at $50 a box
1 set of quartz whisky glasses at $50 a box
2 computer desks at $50 each
Canon printer with $40 ink well included for $125
2 DVD players at $25 each
Space heater at $60
a deep fryer for $60
a pressure cooker for $50
a vertical grill fan for $40
ladies dresses from $10
men’s and ladies T-shirts from $5 for high quality cotton
XXL men´s pants, jeans, and shorts from $5
quality ladies blouses from $5
men’s quality leather loafers and brogues from $10 (size 12W)

JD´s Muebles, Calle Larga 1-213 y Huayna-Capac (one block west of El Banco Central) if you´re walking from Huayna Capac. If you are walking east from the center, you can find us at the beginning of the second block after Todos Santos church. We have plants in the front, and we are next to a travel agency.

Our hours of business are: Mon thru Fri, 11-1:30, 3:30-5 PM and Saturdays, 10-2

You can email us: or

You can call us on: 097 919 1839 or 098 818 7723.

City: Cuenca